Epson C86 Printer high ink use

  14all 13:39 04 Dec 2004

I purchased a Epson C86 Printer on the 4th Nov, since then I've only printed 25 text sheets in black, two with clour headers.

I am now on my second black cartridge, and when installing that I noticed that the 3 Colour tanks were showing half full.

Has enyone else experienced this problem with the C86 Printer? If it continues like this I might as well bin it now, and start with somthing else.

  Technotiger 13:42 04 Dec 2004

Hi, I believe, though I may be wrong, that new printer does not necessarily equal new (ie full) cartridges. 'They' makes their money by selling cartridges. lol

  Eargasm 13:56 04 Dec 2004

Have a look at click here for c86 compatibles including vat and free delivery it works out a lot cheaper.
I think a lot of new printers now come with only demo cartridges that are not full.

  pj123 13:58 04 Dec 2004

Do you switch your printer off when you are not using it and switch it on again when you want to use it?

Everytime you switch the printer on it runs a check and primes the ink cartridges, using a lot of ink.

On advice from Epson I don't switch my printer off anymore so no wasted ink.
Also as Technotiger says the cartridges that come with the printer are not normally full cartridges.

Get your replacement ink from Choice Stationery and the savings are enormous.

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  Dorsai 13:59 04 Dec 2004

Partly down to the ink system on the new printer being empty. The charging process the printer goes through when first used will fill the pipes/nozzles etc, at the expence of ink in the tanks.

you should find the yield from the second black cart much better, ditto colour ones.

  Giggle n' Bits 14:00 04 Dec 2004

The Epson Printers do not come with Full Cartridges. With your printer there would have been a Folded Paper Quick Set-up Guide.

At the bottom of this sheet of paper/set up guide there is a "NOTE" - which tells you that the Cart's are not full of ink. Think this is something to do protecting the printer head/carts to avoid Spill/damage when in transit.

This is normal. Once you replace the carts then you will get Full printing for your money.

  jack 14:29 04 Dec 2004

the initial charge process when setting up a printer takes the ink level down -this happens only once

  14all 22:52 04 Dec 2004

Thank you for the postings, I will persevere a bit longer with the C86.
Mind you I wish I hadn't purchased an Epson printer now, with all there scare mungering about compatible catridges, do you or dont you use them?

Regards all41

  jack 11:01 05 Dec 2004

I am now on my Third Epson a 500 then 750 now R300
all greatr machines - All ways refilled my own carts
you need a resetter the the chipped carts but few probs ever.

  joeltr 11:06 05 Dec 2004

Have you downloaded status monitor from epsons web site? you can see the ink levels on screen, also if you intend to print off any photos, select the best settings for your printer, and set the paper to photo quality glossy film, you wont be disappointed, choice stationery is very good for compats,regards joel.

  jack 17:16 06 Dec 2004

As Joe says setting the paper quality to
'Transparencey' reduces ink flow and is excellant for photos
And Finally take a look at and down load the trial of
click here

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