Epson C86 Network

  jamidodger1 17:55 24 Jun 2010

Hey, I Have a Epson C86 which is plugged into my bt home hub 2.0, this provides printing for all our pc's, The problem is that I cant seem to get a ink status on it, Is there any software or tweaks I can use?

Jamie Hall

  chub_tor 20:11 24 Jun 2010

If you look at the epson support site click here it shows drivers up to Windows XP and none at all for Vista or Windows7; so that probably means you are running on the drivers included with your OS which does not include the Epson Status Monitor.

If of course you are still using XP then you can download the drivers from that site.

  jamidodger1 16:51 25 Jun 2010

Thats the thing as its shared over the home hub it show's N/A for ink levels, I have the epson software on and the Win7 pc has the microsoft version of epson installed and that has a ink monitor except it shows N/A

  Woolwell 18:55 25 Jun 2010

I think that the problem may lie with the fact that you are using the BT Home Hub as a print server and it cannot get the ink levels. The C86 was not designed as a network printer as such. I suspect that if you connected it one of the pc's direct then the others could see the ink levels.

  Woolwell 19:00 25 Jun 2010

Reading up a bit on the net it seems that you cannot get ink levels using a print server. This is just one site click here and there are others about it too.

  Woolwell 19:01 25 Jun 2010

See also click here

  karmgord 20:44 25 Jun 2010

It's probably the info is not Bi directional over the network (the driver would receive the information via a usb set up).
I have the same problem using my HP printer via a wireless network print server and I don't think there is a solution other than connecting the printer via a usb cable.

  Confab 21:44 25 Jun 2010

If the ink level monitor is anything like the one for my Epson DX8450 then you won't be able to see the ink status over your network.

I have my printer connected via USB to my main PC and my laptops share this printer. (slightly different to your set up).

The status monitor is visible using my main pc as it's connected to the printer via USB but no other networked laptops can see the ink status level. Ink levels on these computers is shown greyed out.

Not a big issue I suppose. The ink status monitor doesn't actually show the correct level of ink in the cartridges - it guesses!

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