Epson C82 printer problem

  Giantsquid 13:58 25 Nov 2004

Does anyone know what this could be ?

Epson c82 printer 3 months old ran out of ink, installed new ink 3 color 1 black and now will not print anything not even banded lines nothing. The printer does everything it should do but not a blob of ink will come out, head cleaning does nothing, took out all the cartridges and checked them, all are punctured and ink is there, but not one drop will print ?

Anyone help with this ?


  Smegs 14:06 25 Nov 2004

Just a thought, have you took the plastic strip off one end of the cartriges. If not, then it will not release any ink.

  Smegs 14:08 25 Nov 2004

Sorry, there will be a breathing hole some where, that is covered. That needs to be removered, so it can breath.

  Giantsquid 14:10 25 Nov 2004

The strip has been punctured as my finger is covered with ink !

  spargo 14:17 25 Nov 2004

Have a look at
click here

  Smegs 16:30 25 Nov 2004


Have you tried the link, that spargo has given you?? Has it FIXED the problem??

  Giantsquid 16:42 25 Nov 2004

Sorry had to go out bloody car failed MOT, yes been to Epson UK and done all that they asked already, head cleaning etc etc, re -introduced the cartridges nothing works though the printer seems to be working fine, cannot understand it I have a C62 and they are all basically the same
sometimes they get clogged and after a few pages of cleaning mine is always fine, because there is not a drop of ink on the page it's like some other strip needs to be taken off the cartridge if you know what I mean ?

Thanks for the help though,

  Technotiger 16:45 25 Nov 2004

Hi, it is usually a yellow strip that has to be completely removed - not just punctured.

  Giantsquid 17:08 25 Nov 2004


Someone else put the cartridges in the Printer not me, but after no print was coming out they asked me to help because I have experience of Epson printers, after doing the usual head cleaning 5 times and running test sheets I took the 4 cartridges out and checked that they allowing ink to come out and they all were, but then again I have never used the 4 cart system only two, so maybe there is another strip that need to be removed ? I checked tham all and it did not say remove 'both' strips so I assume that there is only one strip and that has been removed !

Daft init !

  Technotiger 17:15 25 Nov 2004

Hi again, yes, only one strip per cartridge. But sorry to say, has me stumped too!!

  holly polly 17:29 25 Nov 2004

right click on the printer icon in taskbar -select printer settings -maintance tab -cartridge replacement ,the printer will move the head to the correct position remove the cartridges one by one temp cover the bleed hole on top and give em a shake ,watch for any spilled ink ensure they are the correct way round and push em firmly and securely home ,on no account touch the chip ,follow the on screen instructions the printer will the charge itself with the ink and the status monitor should the give you a bar graph representation of the available ink ,print a test pattern and all should be well .

I have the same printer and i've only had the one cart go down on me because i suspect i damaged the chip ,is the status monitor reporting the prescense of any ink ?-best regards-Hol pol...

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