Epson C82 print problems

  Lopez 19:51 10 Aug 2003

Has any one else experienced the problem I've got with my 5 month old C82? I've just replaced two colour cartridges with genuine Epsons and cannot get the thing to print in colour. I've gone through all the suggested remidies, clean printheads and head alignment, all to no avail. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

  Djohn 19:53 10 Aug 2003

Did you remove the protective pull-off strip on the top of the cartridge?

  Lopez 20:01 10 Aug 2003

Yes the black cartridge workd fine but no colour!

  Djohn 20:09 10 Aug 2003

I'm not familiar with the C82, but have you tried removing the cartridge and replacing again? Also try running a test page for the printer, think it needs to be disconnected from PC for this, My 600 did!

It may just be that in this hot weather the printhead has become blocked, [Dried ink] Some times it can take up to 6 full cleaning cycles with an Epson if the heads are blocked. Sorry not sure what else to suggest at this stage. j.

  holly polly 21:26 10 Aug 2003

i also use a c82 and as far as i remember there is no protective strip on the top ,mine came sealed in a bag you usually agitate them 4or 5 times lift them out taking care not to touch the chip on the side ,does the status moitor recognise the ink levels etc ,incidently i had a similar problem with mine it printed everything in green,so i suspect you have got, as i did finger marks on the chip ,they are very tempremental and the instalattion guide quotes on no account touch the chip ,just a suggestion hol pol...

  Lopez 21:27 10 Aug 2003

Thanks J
As they say, been there done that got the tshirt. I've tried all that Epson recommend top no avail. But thanks again for your imput!

  Djohn 21:40 10 Aug 2003

With my Epson 600, it was quite easy, [2 screws] to remove the cover from printer. I used to park the printer heads in the centre by removing power lead from rear, while they were parked there.

Then where the printer heads are normally parked, [Far right] you could see the cotton/felt, soak pads, these should be moist! On the odd occasion that I had the same problem as you, I would put some, [Very little] warm water onto this pad, [I used a cotton bud] then re-park the printer head, and leave for a while, it always worked, softened the ink in the head, and allowed a cleaning cycle to bring fresh ink through. I always used filtered water that had also been boiled first. this helps to remove impurities.

  holly polly 21:44 10 Aug 2003

have you done a nozzle check ie prints a band of diffrent colours ,and if so what were the results?-hol pol...

  Lopez 21:15 17 Aug 2003

Thanks to all who offered advice. Epson replaced the printer and things are fine now!!

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