Epson c70 and ssc service utility

  Eargasm 22:48 16 Nov 2004

A couple of months ago i was having trouble with my epson c70 printer,after replacing a cartridge status monitor still showed it as empty and would not print.

I downloaded this utility click here on woodchips advice(not blaming you )and it showed all ink levels full and worked a printing quality is poor as i know a couple of ink's are nearly empty (but still shown as full) Ihave uninstalled ssc utility and status monitor and even deleted the printer,then reinstalled printer,but the ink levels are still shown as full,can anyone help in restoring it as it was?

Thanks Phil

  Eargasm 23:32 16 Nov 2004

Thanks the printer is now printing at a really poor level,i have just printed a test file from your "click here" and they are nothing like.

Cyan is light grey with lines through it

Magenta is completely black

Yellow has printed ok

Black is ok except for the block only bieng half the size.

Thanks for your help i will try taking the cartridges out and re-inserting to see if this cures the status monitor.

  Eargasm 22:22 17 Nov 2004

Thanks,i have just read your thread did the cleaning kit cure your problem?

I have just removed all the cartridges and re-inserted them,it then charged the ink,but status monitor still shows them all as full when i know they are not. Any other ideas?

Thanks Phil

  Eargasm 23:04 17 Nov 2004

I have uninstalled the printer,and reinstalled with the latest driver version from epson 5.3d but still no joy.


  woodchip 23:23 17 Nov 2004

Cannot remember recommending the above. But I use one my self and it's OK with Epson 680. Why not reload the software and have a go sorting it with that if that started the problem. I do not know if the one that I have is the same program, it was recommended on hear to me.

  Eargasm 23:43 17 Nov 2004

First of all i must apologise,i have been looking through my old postings and your advise was not given to me directly, i must of been reading some threads and picked up the link from there.

I will try your suggestion and download the ssc utility again to see if i can sort it.

Thanks Phil

  woodchip 23:45 17 Nov 2004

I think it's as I post that often

  Eargasm 22:49 21 Nov 2004

Thanks mate,i downloaded the software again and managed to sort it from there.

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