Epson C66 Photo Edition OR NOT?

  Diemmess 18:06 08 Jun 2005

Tight fisted friend lives 15 miles away and asked for advice over his first colour printer.

His wife has recently given him a good Olympus camera and after I upgraded his aged computer (USB 2) he can now cover his screen with masterpieces but can't print them in colour.

He tried a small shop in the nearest city and was told his 166 MMX wouldn't be enough. His RAM is very low @ 64Mb and if I can make him stir himself to see hat type of RAM he has I'm pretty sure I can give him another 128Mb.

Our very good local shop (they give excellent support) has an Epson C66 (photo edition) at the equivalent of the Novatech price plus carriage.

Is this C66 likely to be what he hopes for?

Yes I know he should buy some new kit, but that isn't the problem. How good is the C66 for his use, and what is its downside?

Please don't confuse the argument at this stage..... I know he should spend some money on a new computer and memory of all kinds, please just give some background to the C66

  pj123 18:26 08 Jun 2005

What is the Novatech price?

If it is a local shop there shouldn't be any carriage charge.

The Epson C66 is a very good printer, but don't pay more than about £50 for it. You can get an even better Epson R200 at around £60. I have one and it has the facility to print direct to CD providing you buy "printable CD/DVDs"

C66 click here

R200 click here

  timeteam2004 18:29 08 Jun 2005

And the cartridges are pretty cheap too.
click here

  Dorsai 18:32 08 Jun 2005

In terms of overall cost, if he wants to print loads of pictures, he is probably better off not using a printer at all..

Inkjet prints are in the reagon of 15-40p per print, depending on size, paper, and printer.

There are cheaper ways. Even boots, click here not likely to be the cheapest, will do 6" by 4" at 15p each, if you have 100+ to print.

Not perhaps the reply he wants, but Inkjets are not the most cost effective way.

That said, a C66 using the correct paper will probably produce excellent results. It's just that they wont be cheap.

  Diemmess 20:03 08 Jun 2005

Made me realise its a bit cart before horse, or even the old story of making a change and having to "upgrade" everything else.

I'm nervous of strong recommendation of up market printer with such an old PC (166Mz and 64MB of RAM).

Will have to work on him to buy something better, but he will likely settle for the C66.

pj123 - It was an illustration. The local shop tends to offer a reasonable price which has a mark up uncannily like say Novatech+courier. Your endorsement of the C66 is the sort of thing I was looking for.

Dorsai- The economics tend to tally with your suggestion of "take em to Boots." My youngest son does that with a card full of holiday snaps, and later will tinker around with the best of the bunch.......... My novice friend has a lot of pleasure to come from an unpretentious printer and producing his own pictures. Later perhaps he will dig deeper and buy some serious gear.

  Buchan 35 22:33 08 Jun 2005

Where printing own photos is concerned I`m on a
learning curve, and up to now have learned the expensive lesson. DO NOT REFILL CARTRIDGES IF YOU WANT TO PRODUCE DECENT PICTURES. That said, thanks for a good and gentle post, well discussed and, I think, fairly well well resolved

  Pooke 22:43 08 Jun 2005

click here

I have the c66 and it prints very good photos, I enjoy printing tonnes of pics of the kids with it and I use compatible cartridges at £2 each.......

it would be fine for him.


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