Epson C64

  maz2 23:31 24 Aug 2006

I wonder if anyone can give any advice re the above. My friend asked me to have a look at the printer today, it's just been re-installed after having a new HD and an upgrade to XP, it has worked correctly since but only once. She doesn't use it very often but on trying it found the picture to be stipey so we tried cleaning the heads a few times, still no joy, there are also 2 blocks of letters and numbers appearing in the printout of the nozzle check and I have no idea what they are. I've tried updating the driver and using Epson Ssc utility and it's still the same, can anyone offer any advice please

  johnnyrocker 23:36 24 Aug 2006

uninstall/reinstall as a first option.


  phono 23:39 24 Aug 2006

Have you tried aligning the print heads? Does a test print suggest blocked nozzles or print head misalignment?

From personal experience it would appear that if an Epson printer is not used regularly the nozzles will clog and no amount of cleaning seems to help, I would suggest a full colour and black print is done at least once a week to ensure the printer continues to work correctly.

  johnnyrocker 23:43 24 Aug 2006

a tad expensive with some models i feel.


  maz2 23:52 24 Aug 2006

I've tried an uninstall, reinstall with old drivers and new I've also tried the deep cleaning on SSC and can eventaully get some colour through but don't know where the letters and numbers are coming from it also occasionally feeds the paper through one sheet after another and you can't stop it, I've also realigned the heads, so now I'm banging my head against a brick wall

  phono 23:55 24 Aug 2006

One colour and one black print per week expensive?

It is hardly going to break the bank and will still be less expensive than a new printer I would think.

  woodchip 23:55 24 Aug 2006

When you Uninstall you need to do a search after your uninstall for EPSON, if thats the only epson hardware that she uses and delete what it finds. I also do the same in Regedit. Then reload the software and plug the printer in when it starts looking for it

  Baskerville 10:26 25 Aug 2006

Epson well known for clogging especially if you leave the printer off for a while, I leave mine on and it works well, had the same problem as you many times until I left the printer on.
Leave the printer on for 24 hours and do head cleaning until print out improves, once the print is good leave the printer 'always on'

  ArrGee 11:12 25 Aug 2006

A thread that may be of some use?
click here

  spuds 12:24 25 Aug 2006

Regarding Baskerville's suggestion, I have heard this mentioned before as a solution to certain problems, especially to the high cost 'purging' on start-up with an Epson. I purchased an Epson C86 printer about twelve months ago, and recently this as been a problem giver, in respect of faulty printing and cartridge problems.The SSC Facility download program as helped in some respects to clear some problems, but not all.

Have you tried replacement cartridges?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:22 25 Aug 2006

but don't know where the letters and numbers are coming from it also occasionally feeds the paper through one sheet after another and you can't stop it,

Symptoms of corrupt driver.

Follow woodchip's advice and ensure all traces of the previous driver are removed before reinstalling.

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