Epson c62 printer problem

  Jomi 09:19 13 Jul 2003

Does anyone know if it's possible to set up the printer to have default settings. When I set it up for photographs and photo quality paper, I often forget to reset for normal printing i.e. documents which then take ages to print and probably use more ink. It would be very useful to have it change back to default setting whenever I restart the pc.


  LAP 10:34 13 Jul 2003

Jomi, We run 2 C62's since loading both printers we have never had a problem. ie when altering settings for photo quality they both return to default ie text print after a restart.

If no one replys with a better answer, suggest you uninstall removing all cables and start again..Lap..

  Pesala 12:02 13 Jul 2003

I have an Epson C80. I suspect that the drivers are similar.

From Settings, Printers, Printer Properties: on the Main Tab choose the settings that you wish to use by default (e.g. low quality), and click on apply. This will now be the default setting. If you wish to use high quality modes you must choose this option at print time, but the default will remain unchanged. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

  Jomi 17:38 13 Jul 2003

That's exactly what I want to do, I followed your advice but there was no 'apply' button, I only get the option of OK, CANCEL or HELP.
It's not a major problem I just have to remember to change the setting back when I finish any pictures.

Everything is working fine, but maybe I'll try LAPS advice ans reinstall.

thanks for the suggestions.

  LAP 18:12 13 Jul 2003

Jomi, If you resolve your problem, come back and let us know, 'it's a learning curve' best..Lap..

  The Sack 19:12 13 Jul 2003

The USA C62 driver also seems to do a better job than the UK one click here

  paddyjack 19:27 13 Jul 2003

I use a c62 and a restart always resets to plain paper and text only. Other than a restart it retains your last setting

  woodchip 20:03 13 Jul 2003

The program if you e-mail me saves all your drivers that you have now got on your computer, so you can restore them from the backup it makes and you do not need any drivers only a 133 ata if that is what you will be getting, you should be able to download a 133 from the drive manufacturers site

  woodchip 20:26 13 Jul 2003

Sorry wrong thread

  Jomi 21:57 14 Jul 2003

LAP, I tried a reinstall which didn't change things so I tried the USA driver as The Sack advised; nothing changed. If I set up for pictures and then restart, it stays set for pictures.
One good thing though, while I was tinkering I discovered I can have a print preview automatically, as I hit the print button - which is nice.

  Pesala 13:41 17 Jul 2003

Are you using the Epson Status monitor?

This should have come on your installation disk and might possibly affect the options to save settings, as these could be retained in the printer. Without the status monitor the PC cannot know what the current status of the printer is.

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