Epson C60 - inkjet blockage

  area 56 20:34 17 Jul 2003

As I have been away for a while and not used my printer and it has been hot the jets have become blocked. I have tried cleaning the Epson way to no avail, I have used a complete cleaning cartrige and still not had any success in clearing the blocked jets. Is there a way to take out the jets and soak them in alcohol to clean them.

  LAP 22:07 17 Jul 2003

Do you mean C62? If not, oh well back to the top.

  LAP 22:32 17 Jul 2003

As a C62 is not an expensive printer and if I was in your position I would wait to see if someone came up with an answer.

Failing that I would in set the printer to print a slow print ie photo etc and half way through it I would remove the mains cable stopping the ink carriage half way across so that you are able access both sides of it. Remove both ink cartridges which would I believe give you access to the inkjets. You may then be able to remove them, this I doubt, but you may be able to clean them with alcohol.

As I said I would only do this if no one came up with 'the answer'. This is drastic but I went to get a repair done on my old Epson 600 and was told it would cost £20 to look at it and the £20 would not even come off the cost of repair. I threw it in the bin. It's over to you. Best..Lap..

  cagey 23:13 17 Jul 2003

You don't appear to be getting much response to your problem. You could try a program that I have successfully used. It is called SSCServ Utility for Epson printers. It is free and can be downloaded from click here. It gives you an option to carry out a powerful cleaning mode.

  cagey 23:21 17 Jul 2003

Sorry that site appears to be in Russian, try this one click here

  cagey 23:35 17 Jul 2003

Sorry again, try this one click here. Lets hope it's third time lucky.

  area 56 20:58 18 Jul 2003

thank you cagey,have tried the program with limited success,will keep trying. again thank you

  Boboinc 09:46 19 Jul 2003

I had the same problem with a stylus 640 and used the cleaning solution from a JR refill kit
1. I set the printer to the highest setting and pulled the mains cable out (switching it off at the mains does the same) Time it so the carriage containing the ink tanks is in the centre of the printer
2. Removed the ink tanks
3. Using the syringe from the JR kit and squirt a small quantity of the cleaning fluid down into the centre of the print head/s depending on which ones are blocked
4. Replace the ink tanks (at this stage you could replace the original ink tank/s with the cleaning ink tank you have, refill it with the JR kit)
5. Print a heavy text or colour file to allow the cleaning fluid to penetrate the print head
6. Repeat if necessary

Hope this works, it did with the above stylus 640 that I dug out for the children to use after it had been stored for a year

  LAP 10:20 19 Jul 2003

Boboinc, what's a 'JR refill kit' just in case I need it, you never know. Ta..Lap..

  george 11:27 19 Jul 2003

When all else failed, I recently soaked a Q-tip in denatured alcohol and carefully, so as not to lose cotton fibres in the print head, revolved the Q-tip. I was prepared to bin the printer but - it worked with the first few lines of printing very feint. Maybe, a last resort cure?

  area 56 20:35 19 Jul 2003

thank you all for your assistance,have soaked jets in alcohol and ran clean prog. still not very good but remembered that I had an unopened choice refill and put that in. instant cure!
The ink that i have been using was "ink 4 europe" origin - Eire. I cannot say whether that was to blame or not, but problem now resolved-thanks again to all.

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