epson c46 won't respond after paper jam

  notrom 15:29 21 Jun 2006

I was printing with an Epson C46 and foolishly tried to add paper while it was running, resulting in large paper jam. With some effort managed to remove paper but now the printer permanently has red problem light on (not flashing). I have Windows ME.

I contacted by email Epson help but their response doesn't make a lot of sense and seems very complicated. Can anyone help, please?

  Taff™ 15:38 21 Jun 2006

Friend of mine had a similar problem - cured when he left it switched off overnight so the memory buffer was cleared. If you`ve already done that post back what Epson said in their e-mail and we`ll have a look at it for you.

  notrom 15:50 21 Jun 2006

Thanks Taff, if I don't sort it out by any other means will try that but will obviously not respond until tomorrow. As for the Epson reply, it's a bit worrying because they start off by ignoring the results of their on-line diagnostic service... thanks anyway.

  bluto1 19:46 21 Jun 2006

please post back Epsons reply

  Taff™ 02:12 22 Jun 2006

Yes - Let`s have a look at Epsons reply. Copy and paste the relevant parts of the e-mail.

  notrom 04:35 22 Jun 2006

Sorry, switched off before I saw your requests for epson email - leaving it switched off for 10 hours didn't work.

Apart from looking very complex, Epson's solutions seem dependant on passing the first test (getting it to do nozzle test) which, in turn, depends on making 'sure there are no error lights on'. Since their on-line diagnostic questions had already asked about error light status and I had said that it was permanently (non-flashing) on, I wonder about the worth of their solutions. Two symptoms: a) the cartridge carrier is jammed on left side; b) ink monitor status not responding and colours appear 'greyed over'.


Thank you for completely the online diagnostic tool. The results indicate that the Device State is 'Device not wired' which either means that the printer is not properly or directly connected to the PC or that it cannot be detected.

Please try a self-test directly from the printer to determine where the fault lies. To do this follow the steps below:

1. Please make sure there are no error lights on and the green light is steady. Switch the printer off
2. Hold the maintenance button down next to the green power button.
3. Still holding the button down, switch the printer back on
4. As soon as you have released the Power button start counting to 5
5. When you reach 5 let go of the maintenance button, the printer should now feed in some paper and print a nozzle check pattern.

If after going through the complete process outlined above and the nozzle check pattern did not print then it may be that the unit needs a repair.

If, however the self-test does print and you are still experiencing communication problems the first thing to do is to make sure that the printer is set up correctly and fully working. Check for any red lights on the printer as this may indicate a paper feed issue or empty ink cartridge to be dealt with before going any further. If there is just a solid green light on the printer, it is capable of normal functions so make sure that the cable is firmly secured at both ends and if there are any other devices in the chain, such as a scanner or USB hub, these must be removed before progressing further. Even if these devices have been connected in the past with no problems, they must still be eliminated whilst troubleshooting. The printer is designed to be connected directly to the computer and any other arrangement can render further tests invalid.

The next step would be to reinstall the printer driver, therefore restoring the printer software to default settings. There are four steps which must be followed to perform a full uninstall of a USB printer (you should start with the printer switched on):

1. Go into Device Manager by right-clicking on My Computer, then click Properties, and Device Manager from the tabs along the top. Click the plus next to EPSON USB Printer Devices, then highlight the line underneath (ending with EPUSB1) and click remove at the bottom of the box. Once this is removed close any open windows back to the desktop and switch the printer off.

2. Next click Start, Settings, then and Control Panel. From here double-click on Add/Remove Programs, highlight EPSON Printer Software and then click Add/Remove. Say yes to any questions when prompted and the driver will be removed. Again close any open windows back to the desktop.

3. Click Start and then Run. In the Run box type ‘c:\windows\inf\other’ and click Ok. This will open a folder containing hidden files relating to a number of devices installed on your computer. If any files include the word EPSON then remove them by right-clicking on the file and choosing Delete.

4. Finally click Start, Run, and this time type ‘epusbun’ and click Ok. You will be asked if you are sure you wish to uninstall so say yes and then restart the computer. If this file cannot be found, you will have to browse the disc. In the Run window, Click on Browse. Browse into your CD ROM drive. Open the ENGLISH folder then Win 9x. Open the file EPUSBUN, then OK. Click YES on the prompt then Reboot the PC.

The printer should now be uninstalled. When the computer restarts just insert the printer software cd and follow the on screen prompts to reinstall the driver.

  notrom 04:36 22 Jun 2006


Should this fail then we must then try disabling some background programs that run in Windows and can sometimes cause communication problems with the printer. This is the same for Parallel and USB, so do this using the following instructions (this will not stop these programs and applications from functioning, it will just stop any memory resident files from loading at start up):

1. Click on Start, Run, type in MSCONFIG and press Enter.

2. Go to the tab titled Start-up.

3. Within Start-up un-tick every option in here except four:
Scan Registry
System Tray
Load Power Profile
Load Power Profile

4. Then click on OK and say Yes to restarting your PC. Once your PC has finished rebooting try printing again.

5. If the problem goes away then you will need to re-tick the files in MSCONFIG five at a time until the problem resurfaces. When it does one of programs ticked will be the one causing the problem and you should be able to narrow that down to which program you need to leave un-ticked.

Please only continue with the following steps if the issue has not been resolved by the above. When you click Print, the print jobs are normally spooled to the Temp folder. I would also suggest creating a new spool folder and setting up the printer driver to use this instead of it's standard spool folder. Please follow the procedure detailed below:

1. Create a new folder called ESPOOL in the root of your hard drive using Windows Explorer or My Computer. Right click > New > Folder

2. For Status Monitor 3 go to the UTILITY or MAINTAINENCE tab within the printer properties and click the SPEED & PROGRESS button. Double click your hard drive and then double click ESPOOL folder. Click OK and reboot the computer.

After the computer has finished rebooting, try sending a Windows test page to the printer to determine whether the problem still persists.

If the above troubleshooting fails to resolve the problem then we must eliminate any physical connection faults in the chain. The easiest to check is the Parallel or USB lead, either by trying a different cable completely or the same cable on another device. Similarly using a different port on the back of the PC rules this out as a problem. It is also worth bearing in mind that the maximum length of cable EPSON recommends is 1.8m, anything over that may reduce reliability.

EPSON would also always advise that you have all the updates for your Windows Operating System which are available from click here. Finally, if necessary, try the printer on another computer completely to establish where the problem lies. If the printer still does not work on another computer, then having gone through all of the above we can say with a fair amount of certainty that it is the cause of the problem.


Elisa Roberts
e-Service Support Technician

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