epson c46 error

  andyloran 01:06 26 Mar 2005

Lights are flashing alternatively. Have been on the epson site and evidently this states that it is a hardware problem. I have only had it about three months. I cannot take it back to epson as I don't use their cartridges. The cleaning pads look clean still. I think it is cos I zapped the cartridges. Is there any way to get the thing started again/ I have tried SSC, but it still won't budge.

  Wuggy 13:25 26 Mar 2005

It might be worthwhile buying a set of Epson cartridges and seeing if that helps. If it doesn't then keep the Epsons in the printer and return it for repair under warranty. As far as I can ascertain, unless it can be proved that compatible cartridges were directly responsible for the hardware fault, then the warranty should still cover repair. HOWEVER, before you buy Epson cartridges (and I don't know how much they cost) Comet are selling a C46 on their website for £35 incl free delivery. I would suspect that that is very close to the price of new Epson cartridges.

  pj123 15:40 26 Mar 2005

As Wuggy says, Epson cannot void the warranty unless they can prove it was the cartridges that caused the failure.

I had an Epson C42 that went wrong after 4 months, same problem as you. I rang Epson and was told they would send me a new one and the courier would take my old one back. It arrived within 2 days. The courier opened the box, gave me the printer and put the old printer back in the box (no leads, CDs or ink cartridges, just the basic printer).

The other point is: if you get your ink from Choice Stationery they also give a guarantee that if any of their cartridges cause a problem they will repair or replace your printer. Again it has to be proved that it was the ink cartridges that caused the problem.

In either case I don't think the ink has anything to do with the problem. I believe it is the initialisation and/or the cleaning cycle that is causing the problem. I now do not switch off my printer at all and never had the problem since.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 16:27 26 Mar 2005

buy a set of epson cartridges put them in then take it back easy as that 123 they have to prove that you have used an alternitive ink cartridge anyway thay will just replace the printer its to costly to repair it thats how it goes ps DO NOT even think of telling them u used another ink source than epson only if they ask tell them that u use the cartridges stated in instuctions.

  andyloran 07:31 27 Mar 2005

Thanx for your help everyone. I saved my original Epson cartridges and although they are empty, I will replace them and get in touch with Epson. Ta.

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