Epson C44UX printer problems

  Southernboy 17:55 01 Apr 2007

You may have recalled my complaining about this lousy inkjet printer before. Well, it's gone again!!

This time it fails to print information. That is to say, if I try to print an Email, it only prints the "to and from", but no text. Trying to print a bank statement, it prints the "frame", but no entries, leaving it looking like a form that needs to be filled in. It is doubly annoying as I have just bought 4 new cartridges for it.

I would be glad if someone could come up with a reason and solution. If not, can anyone suggest a low-priced printer that actually works? This has come at a very bad time, so I can't afford much, but I need a working mono printer (colour not necessary), inkjet or laser. It is not worth another shop repair (I have already spent more than the printer cost in repairs and I don't want to throw good money after bad), and I need it quickly.


  brundle 19:26 01 Apr 2007

does it print a test page correctly?

  jack 20:28 01 Apr 2007

If its printing- the printers OK
This is a software problem in the computer somewhere.
Exactly what I cannot bring to mind at the moment others will I am sure. before I do

One ovious ome is to delete the printer software thoroughly and reload
To do this you must come off line and disable your A/V protection first. follow the instructions explicitly
Epson are very particular about this.

  Woolwell 22:02 01 Apr 2007

Did the test page print correctly as brundle asked?

It seems pointless to me to buy another printer if the fault lies elsewhere. As jack has stated it it is printing anything at all which is legible then there could be a software problem.

  Southernboy 15:31 02 Apr 2007

once again it printed normally, so no immediate problem. However, it keeps doing this.

When I borrow my son's Brother 2090 laser printer, I have no such problem. Everything works, so it has to be the Epson software.

At times, when I click on print, I get a message saying "communication problem", but it prints normally. Last time, it was telling me it was printing, and it wasn't. The strange thing was that it printed normally for about half an hour and then I got the problem.

How do I print a test page, please?

  Woolwell 15:59 02 Apr 2007

Do you use son's cable or your own? It could be that you have a cable problem. Or that the cables are not fitted tightly.

To print a test page:
Control Panel - Printers and Faxes - Right click on the Epson C44 - select properties - on the general tab click on print test page.

  woodchip 16:19 02 Apr 2007

It's ether Windows or your driver for the printer that's the problem

  Southernboy 23:05 02 Apr 2007

for both printers.

This printer has been in service since December 2003 with no problems until the last few months, so I can't see how the drivres, or Windows can be at fault.

If it were, how would anyone know?

  jack 08:08 03 Apr 2007

It is precisely the Operating system and/or drivers that are the variable.
All manner of thing can corrupt/upset software installations and not only virus or other intruders.
I expect a removal and re-installation of the driver set in the particular computer will solve it.

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