Epson C42 - Ink tips:

  turbo_paws 17:49 13 Dec 2003

Sorry for intruding on your forum but i have discovered an incredibly useful program for anyone with an Epson C42 printer who wants to get every last drop of ink out of their cartridges without the need for chip reprogramming devices.

The program is called SSC Service utility and is available as freeware from:

click here

Although the program doesn't work correctly with C42 printers there is a method that does enable 100% ink use and it involves using the 'ink freezer' to store and restore level settings.

It's just a case of setting a counter prior to a heavy printing session then restoring the ink levels (using the restore option under 'ink freezer') to those prior to the heavy print session.The printer is apparantly fooled into thinking that heavy print session never happened.

I know it definately works because for the first (and second) times EVER my colour ink has run out mid print and i quite frankly i was amazed how much more i got out of the cartridge.

Some of points of mention:

1..My preference is to store the settings as soon as the red 'ink low' light appears,then restore every 4 or so pages

2..The counter values DON'T save within the program so each time you reboot,immediately run the program and set a store point.

3..Ensure the printer is idle before applying settings or an error will occur.

4..The FAQ says the program works in winXP but it wouldn't run on my machine-but ran fine on my second machine with winME installed.

Anyhows,apologies for (probably) posting this inside the wrong part of the forum-and even more apologies if this topic has been brought up before.LoL,i only decided to post this because of recent articles within PCA concerning the rather dubious Epson chipping system and thought,well,if it saves a few ££'s over a period of time then it can't be a bad thing.


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