Epson 830 Printer

  rickf 21:38 24 Aug 2003

Hi All,
I am thinking of buying this printer for photos. Its on offer at Dabs for £59 incl Vat which is an exceptional price. Will you recommend it? Thanks.

  rickf 21:59 24 Aug 2003


  rickf 09:38 25 Aug 2003

Pink Panther,
Thanks for the response. Its good to know. I have already ordered it and my Epson 680 is going to my son. Thanks again.

  Digital 19:20 28 Aug 2003

I can confirm everything Pink Panther says about the Epson 830, photos are excellent but I find I have to use the "Photo Enhance" & "Vivid" options to get good colours & contrast with photos taken on a Kodak 4330 camera. The PhotoQuicker software supplied with the printer is basic but works OK if you don't want to do anything fancy though the latest release assumes you want one copy of everything in a file whereas the original assumed nothing.

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