Epson 760 critical fault - repair or replace?

  Joe G 15:31 07 Feb 2010

Having just bought new cartridges from Inkcycle (not had problems with their cartridges before) my, admittedly very old, printer has decided to stop working. I was cleaning the heads after installing new colour & black cartridges when a fault message came up on the screen and all three lights started flashing. I had to unplug to switch it off. Have restarted the PC and nothing has worked (in any case the lights flash even when PC turned off). I managed to remove the cover and take out the cartridges but cannot see any obvious problems. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be and how to fix? I would have been happy to buy a new printer if I hadn't just spent £30 on cartridges - does anyone know if Inkcycle will provide credit if I need to return these.

Also if I do need a new printer I am considering the Epson SX215, Epson SX415 and Canon MP 540 - the Epsons seem to get mixed reviews but the Canon gets good reviews but replcement crtridges seem more expensive as they are chipped. Any recommendations?

Thanks for any advice!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:02 07 Feb 2010

Waste ink tank is full. you need to disassenble the printer and empty the tank (may be pads) and reset the counter.
the following is how to do it on a C series it shou be similar I have done on C40/2 and my old stylus 600

Printer companies set a “protection counter” on all printers , it’s an internal counter measuring the amount of ink wasted by head cleaning.

Reset the "protection counter" as well as clean the “waste ink pad overflow”.

1. Unplug the power and USB cables from the printer. Pry open the C40UX printer, careful not to break anything. Use a flat blade screwdriver to pry it apart; there are two-three tabs at the back and two at the front. Gently push them in, and then using a bit of force pry apart the cover.

2. Next remove the two (2) waste ink pads. They are located at the back on the left hand side. I used the flat blade screwdriver to lift up the ink pads (they were soaked). Please use rubber gloves as it gets very messy.

3. Next wash them with just plain hot water until they are white again. I just let the hot water run on them (the pads are about three inches long).

4. Once washed dry them using a hair drier. (you could place it the sun for a few hours or on top of your heater or maybe in a heated oven; (make sure you do not set it on fire with too much heat).

5. Once dried place the pads back in the ink waste bin at the back of the printer.

6. Closed the printer cover and put back all the pieces and plug in the USB & power cable and turned it on. (Yes the lights are still flashing).

7. Go to this link and download this software: click here

8. Install the software and run it.

9. Select your printer and model number ( It only says C40 there is no UX, choose it anyway). It will ask if you replaced with new pads; say “YES”. Then close the window.

10. Now right click on the SSC service utility, it looks like a printer icon near your clock in the task bar.

11. Then click on reset counters. You can do all other stuff with this utility too.

12. Turn off the printer power and then turn it on again. If necessary un-plug the power cord from the back of the printer, wait 20 seconds. Plug it back in.


Cleaning 700 series
click here

  Joe G 18:29 07 Feb 2010

Thanks for that - especially the link - looks messy & complicated but worth a try - could explain why the print heads have been gumming up a lot recently.

  Joe G 13:58 14 Feb 2010

Thanks very much again for this advice - after a very dirty day yesterday - the ink pads were much larger than I expected and went across the whole width of the printer - I managed to reset the printer this morning (after a bit of hassle as it needed resetting manually which involved an hour of trial & error pressing the buttons on the printer). Still got some problems with banding after cleaning the print head a few times but hopefully this will settle down.

Have a virual pint on me Fruit Bat - cheers!

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