Epson 640 printer and XP

  anchor 08:38 05 Mar 2003

A friend has this printer and has just got a new PC with XP pre-installed.

The Epson site does not list any XP drivers for this model. Has anyone successfully used the Epson 640 printer with Windows XP?.

  kevc 08:59 05 Mar 2003

i had the same problem when i upgraded to xp with an epson 480. you can successfully use the printer on xp if you download the latest windows 2000 drivers. the problem with mine though is it worked ok but wouldn't show the ink levels and because the 480 didn't have any buttons we couldn't renew the cartidges because this had to be done through the utility on the screen and it didn't want to know, but it is worth trying, if you have problems you can roll back to the driver you was using before the new driver install. evetually i bought another printer which is xp compatible, the epson c62 photo quality at 69.00 reccomended by epson and 6 weeks ago, the number 1 printer in pc advisors reviews

  anchor 16:02 05 Mar 2003


  Nipsen 2 17:09 05 Mar 2003

Hi anchor, I have been using Epson 640 printer on windows'XP' for 18 months without a problem, I could not find any drivers for the status monitor, but they are not really accurate. If you start to run out of ink you will get a flashing red warning light on your printer against color or black. then just change your ink as normal ! P.S. windows 'XP' will pick your printer up as Epson Stylus COLOR 640 ESC/P. Windows 2000 I think ! dont worry every should be fine. Hope this helps. Nipsen 2

  Flak999 17:21 05 Mar 2003

I also have a Epson 640 running happily on XP using windows 2000 drivers no problems at all but as previously stated you cant use the status monitor anymore.

  anchor 08:52 06 Mar 2003

Thank you very much for your replies; I will inform my friend.

I am sure he will be happy to know that he won`t need a new printer.

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