Epson 600 won't print black + dodgy status monitor

  Never again 19:28 07 Jun 2003

I have obtained an epson 600, which i am told is a good printer, but it had been unused for some time.

I am running Windows ME.

After installing, I cleaned the heads at least a dozen times, but had no ink output at all.

I then purchased some new cartridges as the status monitor did not show any ink and the lights on the front were out (except power).

I installed both of them and cleaned the heads 6 times as well as doing a number of nozzle prints, but I'm only getting colour output - no black, and the status monitor still shows no inks.

Any suggestions please

  Meshuga 20:06 07 Jun 2003

Never again. I had a similar problem with an
epson 440 with Win me and no amount of cleaning,
even with cleaning cartridges, would cure it.
Epson printers are very prone to this, especialy
when they haven`t been used for a while. Epson
service dept quoted me £100 to fit a new print head so I bought a new epson C62 for £69 instead.
Trouble is that if either cartridge is not working
the printer wont work at all. Meshuga.

  Never again 20:21 07 Jun 2003

Thanks for the reply

If I assume that the print head is dead is there any way that I can get the colour cartridge to act as the black one so at least I'll be able to print for a while?

  Meshuga 20:56 07 Jun 2003

Never Again. No you can`t. As I said in the last line of my reply, unless both catrdges are operational in epson printers they won`t print
at all. They are very good printers bu they have this one problem.Sometimes you are lucky and can clear them and sometimes you can`t.Regards, Meshuga.

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