Epson 600 dead - well very poorly -? replace with?

  Diemmess 17:33 31 Oct 2003

This sort of thread turns up every day.

Daughter and her family have this old inkjet which has given good service. It was a reasonably quick one and middle of the range in its time.

To replace it, would like comments from users who need reasonable economy, speed, and the occasional photo (on special paper).

Not interested in pigment ink, just good printing combining reasonable speed and economical ink usage, preferably without "chipped cartridges".

  Diemmess 18:20 31 Oct 2003

Djohn and Why Am I Here?- You have both offered good ideas. I have next week to choose and replace their printer. I like the Canon review, and snobbish enough to tend to avoid the bargain basement.

Anyone suggest something closer to 100 pounds, though I may subsidise to secure something good.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:33 01 Nov 2003

which has been in the PCA Printer charts for over a year now. I have sold 37 this year and the Compatible cartridges can be got from click here at a song and they don't mess up the printer.

Hi M8 DieSse !

  Diemmess 16:01 01 Nov 2003

Have already spent too much of today on this topic.

Was placing my order with PCWorld for their 5650 when the "bad news from Spain and dadyassa" arrived.

The law of averages suggsts that all will be well with this order. Times have changed since 1960 when I wrote to the MD at Dixons after a long struggle for justice, promising never to "Drop in at Dixons" again.

  Ozy 22:28 01 Nov 2003

may i sugest PC World, they are selling the
superb epson 900 for ?74. my son got one
its a beaut

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