Epson 4990 Scanner problems

  fuggle 09:11 29 Jan 2006

Is anyone having problems with the all-singing all-dancing 4990. When I make a preview scan to obtain thumbnails of 8 transparencies positioned in the film holder, some of the preview thumbnails are displayed with sides cropped (sometimes top and bottom). However, by interchanging the positions of the transparencies and previewing again (without altering the preview settings) cropping disappears from some of the images but others become cropped. The effect is random and not localised to any particular position in the holder.
Scanner settings are Mode (Professional) – Document Type (Film (with Film Holder) – Film Type (Positive Film) – Image Type (24 bit Colour) – Resolution (1200 dpi)

  Gongoozler 10:54 29 Jan 2006

Hi fuggle. I have the Epson 3490, and when I first used it I didn't realise that the transparencies had to be placed with the long edge facing the side of the scanner. Also when I scanned half-frame slides the cropping was unpredictable, so I suspect that the scanner is looking for some light transmission to detect the picture edge. I haven't yet found a way of being able to manually set the frame size larger than that determined by the scanner.

  fuggle 13:45 30 Jan 2006

Hi Thanks for the help. My arrangement is somewhat different. I am using transparencies in square format 40x40mm mounted in 50x50 mm plastic frames (these were taken on a Rollieflex which used 120 film masked down to obtain 16 exposures). The transparencies are quite old and my prime reason for buying the 4990 was for its digital enhancement feature. What I can't understand is that the cropping is random. Place a transparency in one position in the holder and I get a good image, but in another position, heavily cropped.

  jack 14:35 30 Jan 2006

This does suggest that the software/firmware is set up naturally to the standard 35mm frame shape.
It may be possible to delive so see if you can alter this.
Otherwise you will have to suffer the problem and arrange the slide in the frame to best advantage.

By the way have you spoken to Epson about this.?

  Gongoozler 15:50 30 Jan 2006

The transparency light on my the Epson 3490 is only 35mm wide, so anything much wider won't be illuminated. Your 4990 is a much classier model and so may have a wider light.

  JWJH 16:31 30 Jan 2006

I don't have this scanner, but was intrigued by your problem. I have found just about the most comprehensive review on this scanner you could wish to read click here which contains information on scanning slides, and the different types of holder that can cause odd cropping, page 9 I think. Also the last page contains a link to a different type of holder that may be of help. Hope this proves useful.

  fuggle 11:32 02 Feb 2006

Hi guys
I have been on the i-photo site and downloaded the 4990 review. Very impressive , full of very interesting facts and features. Learning a lot more about the scanner but up to now have not found the answer to the particular problem. Earlier contact with Epsom did not produce a definitive answer, and as this is such an obscure effect I have decided (full of hope and optimism) to pursue the possibility of a replacement. I’ll let you know if there is good news. Thanks again for all the help

  fuggle 19:17 13 Feb 2006

Hi guys
I got a result but not the answer. Dealer refunded my money. Now much wiser and much more cautious I'm starting all over again.

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