Epson 440 printer - prints gobbledy gook

  STREETWORK 18:51 16 May 2003

I have an Epson 440 printer under windows xp home, new computer. It does not print correctly, ie, loads of rubbish, tried the drivers, no luck there, tried cleaning, no luck there, tried just about all I can think of including a new printer cable. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  geedad 19:11 16 May 2003

I note you have intimated 'tried the drivers', but have you contacted Epson to see if there is an up-date for this 440 Printer?
I used the 440 ( excellent )and found Epson very helpful. The 440 is not new, and if you are using it with XP, you may need a new driver, so try them!
Good luck!


  Patr100 19:16 16 May 2003

Make you have the correct driver for Xp, that is is corrected installed and it selected as your default printer.

  xanderog 20:02 16 May 2003

I am also operating on windows xp without any problem . There is no xp driver for the 440. Instead I installed Windows 2000 driver. Printer is working perfectly. Download that from Epson and give it a try.

  STREETWORK 22:04 16 May 2003

thanks for posts...

I have tried the drivers. The printer installs okey and xp recognises it but it still prints hyrogliphics, endless amounts of them. perhaps the printer is had its day and must join the rest in the garage along side the dot matrix one. Unless ????

  -pops- 06:39 17 May 2003

This may seem a bit odd but, try it anyway.

With the printer switched ON and all connected to your computer, pull the MAINS plug from the back - important- NOT the signal lead (parallel port/USB cable). Leave it for a while and put the plug back in and try it.

Doing this is supposed to reset the hardware in the printer itself. It's worked for me in the past, it may work for you.


  -pops- 13:05 18 May 2003

Any joy?

  LAP 16:40 18 May 2003

Have you had any luck yet?
If not, my Epson 600 decided to stop working recently the estimate just to look at it was £30 and this amount would not be taken off a new one if it could not be repaired. It went in the dustbin.
Paid £59.08 for an Epson C62 from ebuyer brilliant..Lap..

  3Toed 16:48 18 May 2003

I agree with pops,we have a similar problem with an old Ep. 800 model at work,once in a while it has a spasm,and does exactly as yours is doing.Pulling the plug on it has always corrected this,seems not the thing to do-but it works.

  STREETWORK 19:00 18 May 2003

The trusty printer has been consigned to the print yard in the sky. I got an Epson C42 new for £39.99 including 2x carts and paper from local shop. And now back to printing and doing a few more trees in... Thanks for all help peeps...

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