Epson 220 or 200

  dlguk 19:21 23 Dec 2005

Is there anyone out there that has the above mentioned machine and if so what is their take on it. In perticular can one stick a lable on a disc and still get the same results as 'printable discs'. Also of course the reliablity and quality of print.

Thank you for your help.


  The Old Mod 20:13 23 Dec 2005

Hi dlguk, I've had a 200 for about a year now,printing very good, even with compatibles, not tried printing on sticky labels, but why would you want to, stick on labels can come unstuck, especially in dvd players!

  jack 20:17 23 Dec 2005

I gather the 220 is an updated version of the 200
though what the differences are I cant imagine.

Stuck on paper lables have alway been a hasard, so peint on disks are a boon.
And they look great too.

  interzone55 21:21 23 Dec 2005

The R220 seems to be a R200 in a slightly different case, otherwise it's the same printer.

I've never found CD labels that are satisfactory, they don't sem to stick properly, and print quality is poor.

The R200 (I have a R300) can print on printable CDs and the quality is fantastic.

If you can spare a bit more case the R320 has a neat colour screen for previewing shots, and a selection of camera card slots (including the Fuji / Olympus xD cards).

The R340 bizarrely includes a CD writer for burning CDs of photos from camera cards. Now how often would you use that?

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