epson 1660 scanner - software (de)installation

  El Nino 18:06 09 Feb 2005

Hi there,

I accidentally pressed a button whilst installing most recent drivers from epson website. This stopped the installation process. I am no unable to complete the installation as well as carry out a de-installation. I assume the problem is not specific to epson? Any advice? Many thanks.


  JIM 18:16 09 Feb 2005

If reading you correct you require the software?

Try download reinstall over again from the epson web site.

  El Nino 18:50 09 Feb 2005

Hi Jim, Thanks for your rapid response. I've got software (latest, from epson website), but when trying to uninstall OR reinstall Epson Smart panel the programm gets stuck. I cannot complete either procedure. M.

  JIM 23:36 09 Feb 2005

Sorry just picked up on your last post.Is the scanner showing up in device manager at this time.

Are you running winxp? and have you tried a system restore before you installed the scanner software program again.

Also try the install via the windows safe mode which may do the job as there will be no running programs.

Will wait to see what os your running first before suggesting the other way of cleanning up before a install

  El Nino 20:23 10 Feb 2005

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your time. I don't mind if it takes a bit of time to sort this out - epson scanner software has been a bother ever sine I bought scanner in April 2003, so I'm past the "I'm in a hurry state".

I unplugged the scanner in the hope that this would allow me to uninstall software. It does not show up in the devie manager or in the scanners printers section of control panel.

I also uninstalled Twain drivers.

Yes, I do run XP (home edition).

I've tried to uninstall and reinstall via safe mode, same story.

System restore - I've left it too long facing up to this problem before doing something about it. (no idea what date, sorry).
I've run a range of utility tools (Norton, Error Guard,Registry Mechanic). Whilst they all find this and that, this particular problem is not being picked up.

I'm not particularly computer savvy.



  JIM 10:56 11 Feb 2005

Ok, you seemed to at least covered what was avaiable for you to do as per norm and "appears" to you as if there is no drivers installed for twain epson scanner.

Sorry for questions but to give me a picture,

1/You have win xp installed.Is it with service pack 2 = sp2 installed.

2/ Do you run or have installed any other digital hardware/software,as in digital camera etc.

3/ Is the epson "software" still in a folder in the my program files via "my computer"

3/ look in windows folder and see if the windows Twain 32 folder is still there. Do it by,going to "search files and folder",type in "twain" and see if "twain or twain32" are listed.

Also check to see if there are any twain.dll's related to your "epson scanner" also listed.(tells you in search window )

At some point download from this link click here
Regseeker( (307 KB) for poss future use.

Download it,save it to( documents folder)
Dont be put of by the word Beta,it is a good small download if used properly and it does back up any deletions.

Not being particularly computer savvy applies to all of us these day,more so to some than other.We don't know it all,so don't worry there :)

Let me know if your system is running a"ok" bar your "scanner problem" as it is important.

Also if your system speck has been upgraded to run "windows xp" from an older system with an older windows os originaly. (eg. if your system has poss USB problems due to system being an early model could be hard work or not possible)

May take time if at all! but we shall try.


  El Nino 00:51 13 Feb 2005

Hi Jim,

The problem described was resolved by getting in touch with epson support who advised to: "download a utility (DelReg2.5.exe) that will completely remove the Smart Panel from your system", the link: click here

It worked a treat.

This particular scanner also has difficulty with hp printer photosmart 1215, which is fixed as follows:
"A patch is required when using the Smart Panel’s Copy utility with certain models of non EPSON Printers. The patch can be downloaded from:
click here

Download the relevant patch to your desktop and then double click on it to start the installation program."

So I'm up and scanning now. Thanks for your help.


  JIM 01:54 13 Feb 2005

Glad your sorted,

many thanks for feedback.


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