Epson 1250-No Twain drivers

  Smegs 01:40 18 Jul 2004

Hello All. Could someone tell me how to set this up. I installed the Epson perfection 1250 drivers on Wednesday and everything went well. I could scan with it. I put the scanner back in the cupboard, without un-installing any of the drivers/software. I have gone to scan something today, and the Smartpanel is asking for "Please install the supproted Twain Driver".

I have unistalled the software and reinstalled, and it still asks for the software. The scanner is setup in control panel. I have been to the Epson website and downloaded the up-to-date drivers. But Smart Panel is still asking for the above Twain Driver.

Has anyone got an idea please? Thankyou.

  sicknote 02:14 18 Jul 2004

When EPSON Smart Panel is launched, does it say in device box at bottom of the smart panel epson twain 5

  Smegs 02:34 18 Jul 2004

sicknote, it doesn't say anything.

  Smegs 22:18 18 Jul 2004


  sicknote 23:03 18 Jul 2004
  Smegs 00:02 19 Jul 2004

sicknote, thanks for that link. I will have a look and try somethings out. Thankyou.

  Smegs 19:04 19 Jul 2004

sicknote, nothing doing there mate. Tried everything it says. Still not working.

I didn't know that I could copy from within windows, so I think I'll have to do it that way.

Again, thankyou for your help. Shaun

  merc. 19:36 19 Jul 2004

Epson 1250-No Twain drivers'
I have a 1250 epson and after I installed the drivers it ran through a set up program where you had to chose the twain driver from a drop dowm list then it ran through the test of copying different types of print (colour,text,etc.)


  Smegs 19:57 19 Jul 2004

merc, thanks for that. There is NO twain drivers to chose from. Theres nothing in the drop down box.

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