Epson 1240U scanner problem

  Fordy 19:46 01 Oct 2003

I have an Epson 1240U scanner and 5.71e driver
When I try to scan in under developed 35mm colour negatives all I get is - "Cannot find film. Make sure film is positioned correctly and try again"
It makes no difference where I position them on the scanner - in a multi holder or single holder(with rest blanked out)
The correctly exposed negatives scan in perfectly 4 at a time - or singly.
Any suggestions anyone?
Thanks in advance

  Fordy 10:18 02 Oct 2003


  stlucia 11:49 02 Oct 2003

I scan slides using a 1240U, and it scans whether or not there's anything in the holder. Are you using some kind of "auto detect" option (which I'm not familiar with) to scan only the area of the picture?

If so, try pre-scanning and then manually selecting the area to be scanned (the only method I know).

  Fordy 20:43 02 Oct 2003

I obviously don't explain myself very well. It is on the manual pre-scanning that it fails to detect the under developed film, and with 35mm negatives you do not have the option to select an area of the negative once is has been scanned in.
I have got it to recognise them by overlaying the dodgy ones with a piece of blank negative, it darkens them enough for the scanner to 'see' them.
But I feel sure there must be a correct way of doing it
I have emailed Epson technical support for their advice

  polymath 21:10 02 Oct 2003

Don't hold your breath then. (Anyone know anyone who's had a reply to an Epson tech support email?)

  stlucia 11:57 06 Oct 2003

I think we must be using different software -- with my setup the pre-scan shows me everything that's on the flatbed/film adapter, and then I manually select which area I want to scan. There's nothing automatic about it, so I don't get any error message if there's a light negative or no negative -- it simply scans the area I've selected.

If you're using some kind of automatic film detection, is there not a manual option similar to what I've described above?

  Fordy 12:56 07 Oct 2003

O YE of little faith - Epson replied within three days

Epson said the same thing as you - that I was using automode. This didn't make sense to me as I had been clicking cancel and then the manual button. But with both of you telling me the same thing I knew it just had to be me as we must have the same software. I went into configuration and unclicked 'auto preview' and 'auto thumbnail preview'
Lo and behold I can now scan in the film and select any part of it. It scans in as two stpirs whereas before I had four seperate unselectable pictures. For over a year I have been using my 'blinkered' version.
My trouble is, time and time again, I don't understand just what it is people are telling me, and I think "they are on about something else"
Thanks again

  stlucia 14:21 07 Oct 2003

Well, we've both learned something because I had been looking for a way to scan 4 slides at once instead of selecting each one manually in turn! I'll try it out tonight.

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