Epsom Stylus C70+ cartridge problem

  Housten 22:10 21 Nov 2012

Good evening,

I am hoping someone can help me!!

I have lost my manual so I can not refer to that. For the last 2 or 3 hours I have been swapping catridges with no effect, and I am now beginning to pull my hair out. What happened was I was just about to print a letter when it stopped. I had noticed a couple of days ago that I was running low on ink, but I thought there was enough for the two letters I had to print. On the top of the cover there are 3 lights, the left hand one tells you - or so I believe - that there is a fault. At the moment, it is either on or flashing, permanently.

I installed 4 new cartriges - which I got from Cartridge People, where the existing ones were from - and pushed them in. Not all clicked, but I need the letters, so I pushed on. No luck. I tried downloading manuals but got nowhere, although one told me how to change cartridges - not a lot of help. I can not get rid of this red light, where I have sometimes got the ink levels; what I have now is it showing all 4 inks sort of greyed out with a red circle with a white cross on the right hand one, but it had clicked into place. I have now tried 8 new cartridges and am getting nowhere, does anyone have any idea of what I have done wrong? Or is it that I have bought some duff cartridges?

Any help/suggestions/ideas will be very gratefully received.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  northumbria61 22:33 21 Nov 2012

You may need to RESET the Smart Chips - have a thorough read here and give it a try - enter link description here

  Housten 09:57 22 Nov 2012


Many thanks for your reply, which I will read shortly. The panic has now subsided, although for how long is debateable, as I had forgotten to switch it off last night - I have the computer and all the peropherals controlled by a 10-plug tower. So I switched it on this morning, and it came on AND it is working!!!! HOW??? WHY??? Not a clue, but I will be checking it and your suggestion out later this morning!!

Many, many thanks for your reply.

  BT 11:38 22 Nov 2012

....that is switch it off and on again...

That is what we always did in the days of the Spectrum. It usually cured the problem.

  northumbria61 17:23 22 Nov 2012

That is what we always did in the days of the Spectrum.

AND the Commodore 64 !!

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