Epsom s235w cartridges

  rnsa 19:54 11 Mar 2013

I have always used "Think" compatible cartridges without problem. Suddenly on replacing with new ones the printer will not recognise them (will not charge the inks). Epsom say of course that it is because the are not Epsom cartridges. Anybody know why this can suddenly happen?

  spuds 19:59 11 Mar 2013

There can be a variety of reasons, I would suggest that you contact the supplier and tell them about the problem.

  The Old Mod 20:11 11 Mar 2013

Try taking them out, then putting them back in again, often works.

  Ian in Northampton 20:47 11 Mar 2013

... and polishing the contacts on both the cartridges and the cartridge carrier.

  BT 08:20 12 Mar 2013

I've used Think Cartridges in the past for a previous printer and didn't find them the best,often having failures.

I now use a SX235W and find that Jet Tech from Inkfactory are far superior. They have a promotion at the moment with 2 for 1 on individual cartridges which makes them about £4 each, similar to Think, but they have twice as much ink as the Think ones, 16ml as opposed to 9ml in the black and 13ml as opposed to 7.4ml in the colours, so are far better value.

  rnsa 19:18 12 Mar 2013

Dear Spud,The old Mod,and Ian Northampton, Thank you each for your interest in my problem and your suggestions. I have tried them but unfortunately without success up to now. I have now bought a set of Epsom cartridges(which cost more than the printer) and will now pray that the problem is not the printer!!

  Ian in Northampton 20:26 12 Mar 2013

rnsa: for next time, it's worth bearing in mind BT's suggestion. JetTech cartridges are very highly rated - I've never heard a bad word about them - and I believe they manufacture 'own brand' for supermarkets, Wilkinson and so on.

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