Epsom R300 printing pictures too dark

  sype 20:26 03 Oct 2004

My epsom r300 printer has started printing out mt pictures too dark. pictures that have previously come out perfect are now too dark. i have tryed reseting to default and reinstalling the softwear. please help its costing me a fortune trying different thinks and printing them.

  Newuser4165 22:50 03 Oct 2004

Have a look at this link:-
click here

  Cook2 01:09 04 Oct 2004

I have the R300 + SP2, prints fine from MGI PhotoSuite, PaintShop Pro 8 and MicroSoft PhotoDraw.

Just tried a print with Epson PhotoQuicker, using the wizard and the prints fine.

  jack 11:56 04 Oct 2004

Are you sure that it is the printer is 'printing'
and not that some other setting needs tweaking.
For example the Monitor?
I suggest you go through the whole gamut of setting up the monitor using the adobe facility found in control panel, then your soft ware.
Then do a series of 'test strips, from a standard photo[use the same photo for all tests]
Use the Same paper for all trests, take note of the result. -If you create a series of settings and save each photo as separate file [save as] then using page layout in PSP8 and find the multi image template
drag each image to it and print the page you will see which is the best one
You will get there - have fun

  jolorna 12:02 04 Oct 2004

i have the same printer with the same problem but i have found using the camera software they are perfect

  €dstowe 12:08 04 Oct 2004

Could due to unsuitable (so called compatible) inks.

  jack 14:04 04 Oct 2004

€dstowe says could be unsuitable inks
This could be true if that is what 'sype' is using, but the essential thing is , is to
Standardize, As i ment ioned above, same test image, same papers, same monitor setting,same inks. change one and all your efforts are blown.

  pj123 16:17 04 Oct 2004

I have the Epson R200 (not much different from the R300) and all my pictures print perfectly regardless of which programme I use (Paint Shop Pro, MS Publisher, Photoshop, Photoquicker etc..). I also am using compatible ink cartridges from Choice Stationery.

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