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  bruno 09:43 03 May 2003

A friend has recently bought an E machine from PCWorld and he uses an Epsom printer with it.I believe it is an 810.He has always used compatible cartridges on his other machine and they have worked fine with 98se.However,his XP rejects them,tells him he is using illegal cartridges and closes the operation.I am just describing what he told me,so sorry it is a bit vague.Has anyone else had this trouble,if so is there a fix?Any help appreciated.

  grabster 14:28 03 May 2003

Similar situation here but i seem to remember being asked whether i want to continue or similar with my epson c42plus.
Does it exit straightaway or give any options ?

  Taurus 15:09 03 May 2003

Hi, I too had a similar thing. As grabster suggests, it does give you the option to ignore. Once you have chosen to accept the 'inferior' cartridges, it will not display the dialogue window again until the cart is changed.

  bruno 17:27 03 May 2003

Thanks for your help lads.I will contact him and see what happens.I'll post back when I know more.

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