Epsom 740 Printer issue

  Halmer 17:56 07 Dec 2003

I've done my best to clean the printer as directed by an earlier thread. It still drags the paper in a liitle slanted but it is better.


When I was printing yesterday the red light came on to tell me (I think) that the black ink has run/is running out. As it still printed I carried on printing.

My wife had to run some college stuff off today. When I returned from footy with my lad she told me that the prinet had given up the ghost half way thro' printing a number of documents. I told her that the balck cartridge had more than likely run out and I would replace it which I did. The printer red light stayed on however and nothing happened when I tried to print. I eventually got an error message in the little progress box. I assumed that I had a more serious error and reinstalled the driver again without success. I then unplugged it and left it for an hour and lo and behold it now works.

  Gongoozler 18:07 07 Dec 2003

Hi again Halmer. Switching the printer off for a time after replacing the cartridge can do two things. One it thoroughly discharges any memory so that the printer is completely reset, and two it gives the ink time to get right into the print head. As for the paper still skewing slightly, the 740 is quite an old printer, and they are made so cheaply that yours is probably well past it's intended life span, but with care and occasional cleaning it may give a few more years service yet.

  Halmer 19:03 07 Dec 2003

So what should I do?

Should I normally be able to swap a new cartridge for a spent one without interuption; or do I have to turn the printer off for an hour or so each time that it runs out of ink?

As you state above the printer is an old one but to be honest it has 'never' been used.

  ton 20:27 07 Dec 2003

I've got a 740. When I change the cartridge the printer just goes through the cleaning cycle then it's back in use right away -- you don't have to 'wait an hour or so'.

  Gongoozler 20:48 07 Dec 2003

Normally you don't have to wait between cartridge changes, but having followed this forum for a few years now, what I have noticed is that on a few occasions users of Epson printers have found that either there is some dried ink in the head that is flushed through by the new cartridge, or there is air in the channel to the head, and it takes a while for the new ink to work it's way to the head. Either way, what appeared to be a hopeless case was resolved by leaving the printer with the new cartridge overnight. One thing that does sometimes give problems with printers of the Epson type is that under use can result in the dried ink in the channel problem, so it is a good idea to make a print that uses all the colours at least once a month. HP printers like mine have the print head integral with the cartridge, so fitting a new cartridge replaces the print head, but of course the cartridges are significantly more expensive.

  Confab 20:57 07 Dec 2003

Which red light came on? There are three on the left hand side of the "control panel". The top is paper the middle is black ink, which will flash when the ink is low and the bottom is colour ink which will do the same if the colour is low. If you have let the ink run out completely the one of the two ink light will stay on to indicate that the ink is empty. To change the ink press and hold the button to the left on the "control panel" for three secs. The heads will move to the left so you can change the ink.

  Halmer 13:10 08 Dec 2003

no black ink came on.

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