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  [DELETED] 19:48 02 Sep 2003

Hi guys,
can you please help ?

How can i and what do i read an encapsulated post script file on an email with ?

Thanks john

  [DELETED] 19:51 02 Sep 2003

Try Irfanview click here

  [DELETED] 20:23 02 Sep 2003

Yes ive tried irfanveiw,file downloads as irfanveiw eps, but then get popup window " cant read file header-unknown file format "strange ???

dont ask for header cos it about a mile long, but it does start IE5 and i am using IE6... is that the problem ?

  [DELETED] 20:33 02 Sep 2003

Microsoft works will open and view the file, as will Quick View. Quick view however is just that, only a viewer. if you want to work with it then MS Works is the one i use.

You would have to save the file from the e-mail to your hard drive then open it in MS Works(after virus checking of course).

  [DELETED] 14:29 03 Sep 2003

Just redownloaded Irfanveiw and all the plugins, now get messeage "irfenveiw eps can only be read if it includes tiff.... try ghostveiw." i think i will try and get it sent again in diff formatt.

thanks for the help...john

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