Environment Variables - Use Of

  methuen 09:58 16 Jun 2003

Have downloaded a C++ COMPILER. Now have instruction to 'add the C:\MinGW\bin subdirectory to my system Path' ie find the Path variable (have done) then edit the end of its statement line to include the address 'C:\MinGW\bin. This is the bit I am unsure about. Can anyone help? Thanks

  seedie 11:09 16 Jun 2003

Just add it on to the end of your existing path.
It may be in autoexec.bat or config.sys.
Look for PATH=c:\;C:\windows or something similar.
Path components are separated by semicolon.

In your case path=c:\;c:\windows;C:\MinGW\bin.

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  seedie 11:11 16 Jun 2003

Restart in dos and type set<return>

  seedie 11:44 16 Jun 2003

the correct syntax is SET PATH=c:\;etc
Sorry if misled you


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