envelope printing in word

  alan 2273 15:59 24 Sep 2003

I use the envelopes & labels option for addressing my envelopes and before I print it I open up the options and alter the vertical & horizontal font plain so it prints in the middle of the envelope, is their any way I can make the alterations stay as the default settings to save me having to alter them every time I print an envelope.

  alan 2273 16:28 24 Sep 2003

Fitshase how do I save the document as a template, at the moment I have just saved it as a word document but I cannot see how to convert it to a template.
Regards Alan

  graham√ 19:47 24 Sep 2003

I find the easiest way is to get the font,spacing and envelope size just right by trial and error. Use the print preview tab and practice on plain paper. Then save the document.

When you need an envelope, open the document and delete the contents. Then type in the new address. The font, etc., should remain the same.

  alan 2273 20:04 24 Sep 2003

Thanks for all your answers as soon as I have the time I will give it a go
Regards ALAN

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