"envelope" e mails "going astray"

  end 14:59 22 Aug 2004

I have had a thread posting by another member today asking me why I had sent them an e mail that made little sense to them; my PM seems to have been received by the wrong forum member, which explains why the intended recipient did not respond as expected; I have e mailed the F.E. to "inform " him of the "glitch" , but felt I ought to put something on the forum in case other members try to use the "envelope" while there may be a "bit o" troubel" with it...

have yet to hear back from f.e. or either of the other forum members who are "caught up" in MY glitch.....

  VoG II 15:01 22 Aug 2004

I recently sent a PM to somebody and it reached another forum member. The recipient e-mailed me to point this out. Careful what forum members put in PMs I think!

  end 15:51 22 Aug 2004

have had confirmation from one forum member that tells me that a PM has "gone astray", as the intended recipient did not get it.....and another member DID to whom it made very little sense:(

have not yet heard from F.E., but would suggest memebers should be "aware of the glitch" in the envelope system...

  stalion 16:08 22 Aug 2004

oh! the joys of modern technology. lol

  Easterner 16:22 22 Aug 2004

I had an email as well.

Came from a thread that I hadn't posted to, from someone that I had never heard of (not you) but who was trying to start a conversation as if (s)he thought that (s)he knew me.

I originally reported it to the FE thinking that it might be the start of someone trying to get email addresses for spam or something (sorry to the person involved) but the FE said that it was a long time member who would not be likely to be involved in that and FE is now in contact with the member to see what is happening.

From the fact that it has happened to you as well, it looks like some sort of bug has crept into the system and we will have to be careful using the envelope for a while.

  end 16:30 22 Aug 2004


and lord knows where another one of mine has ended up that I send within the past two days, as nowt back from that either...

definitly "trouble at th" mill"..::))

  Easterner 18:18 22 Aug 2004

I wonder how they had the good fortune to be in the helproom should they need some advice :-)

  son-of-a-gun 21:44 22 Aug 2004

I had a PM off end today, that did'nt make sense.

>Oops sorry, I think someone else should have got it, & not me.
Beware it looks like the PMs are like a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat,
that's not there.

  end 23:23 22 Aug 2004

have not yet heard from F.E.;;will check back in the morning:

think people must be getting some "novel" messages::))

its them gremlins again, of course:(
perhaps a new batch...

and, a thought; I presume F.E. got MY message, via the "contact FE " link?? good game...good game!!!

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