envelope address layout in word 2008

  Boy Zone 10:56 25 Oct 2009

A problem I have tried to overcome when printing addresses in Word 2008.
When I type the address in the address box, it produces spaces between each line of the address. Thus when I print out the envelope it omits some of the lines of the address when using small envelopes.
How can I stop it putting spaces between each line?

  rawprawn 11:11 25 Oct 2009

Try this,open Word and click on "No Spacing" on the toolbar at the top.

  Forum Editor 11:13 25 Oct 2009

there is no Word 2008. The next version of Microsoft Office will be Office 2010, due for release next year, although there'll be a public beta version available for download soon - probably in November.

Of course Word 2007 produces space between each line of the address in the envelope printing utility - how else could it be? If you click the Options button in the envelope dialogue box you'll be able to change the size of the envelope - perhaps that's the problem. If I've misunderstood the question I apologise; perhaps if you could explain in more detail?

  BRYNIT 11:37 25 Oct 2009

Word 2008 is the Mac version click here

Not sure of the solution but you could look at the Word 2008 Help and How-To click here

  Boy Zone 19:51 25 Oct 2009

sorry I meant 2007.

I did click the no spacing on the tool bar, but this does not prevent the line spacing when you go to envelopes.

I want it to look like this

line 1
line 2

and not

line 1

line 2

  lotvic 20:30 25 Oct 2009

Word 2007 by default uses 1.5 line spacing - when you start a new line it thinks it's a paragraph.
To fix it use instructions on click here support.microsoft.com

They must think that we are all so dumb these days that we can't do our own paragraphs, but they got too clever this time.

  compumac 20:36 25 Oct 2009

Clik on tab Page Layout/Spacing
Default is "Before" 0pt and "After" 10pt
Just change the 10 to 0 (zero)

  lotvic 20:44 25 Oct 2009

sorry that should be 'by default uses 1.15 line spacing' (I think)

more info on the envelopes click here allexperts.com

  six-h 20:45 25 Oct 2009

Boy Zone,
I think you are having the same problem with Word 2007 as I had when changing from 2003.
I also didn't like the default spacing and couldn't for the life of me find out how to set it to the same as I was used to!

If you want the 2003 spacing as your default:

Select the "Home Tab" and click on the "Change Styles" button, point at "Style Set" and click on "Word 2003".

Click once more on the "Change Styles" button, and then on "Set as Default"

That will give you the 2003 line spacing for documents and I thingk it should carry over into the "Mailings" layouts too.

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