Enter button on laptop not working

  Joetodd13 19:27 02 Jan 2017

I have just bought a computor a lenovo IdeaPad 305 They enter button has randomly stopped working. I've tried things from checking the drivers to shutting down the computor. Any advice?

  wee eddie 20:06 02 Jan 2017

Get in touch with whoever you bought it from. If new and "Just" means, "within the last 6 months" deal with them alone and not Lenovo.

They have "one" chance to repair it, under the current UK laws

  Joetodd13 20:13 02 Jan 2017

Okay I'll try that. I bought it today from argos so should I take it back to them and report the issue?

  wee eddie 22:07 02 Jan 2017

Yes and they must deal with it, not Lenovo. Even they send it to Lenovo, it must be them that does it. Don't let them fob you off or you'll lose your rights under the law.

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