Enryption key?

  clocker 20:39 18 Aug 2005

I've just installed a Buffalo Air Station and wireless adaptors and during the intallation set up it is asking for an encryption key which appears to be five letters/digits.
I have no idea what these might be.Am I missing something obvious here ?

  [email protected] 17:12 19 Aug 2005

Hi. In my fruitless search for info which would get my wifi link up and running, I have learned the following:
An encryption key is something which "protects" data passing over your link. You operate un-encypted at your peril or you assign a key. This key must be exactly the same on each end of your link.
The length of the key [chars] is determined by the strength of the encryption IE 64, 128 or 256bits. I understand a 128bit HEX alpha/numeric [1-9 & A-E] key to be 26 chars long.
The main thing is for you to assign a key for both ends, longer means stronger it think.
Hope that helps.

  Sans le Sou 13:00 24 Aug 2005

Usually set this up at your convenience after installation, is it WEP or WPA-PSK, you normally make your own one up and assign it to each machine. You can change it regularly if you want to.

  Sans le Sou 13:06 24 Aug 2005

Have a look at the router manual as you need to start there with the process, bang in a key number on the router and when any of your machines try to connect you will need to enter the same number, stops your neighbours pinching your bandwidth.

  Sans le Sou 15:34 24 Aug 2005

It is possible that it comes with a key that you have to insert to get the thing running, this should be in the instructions, then you can possibly make your own up, they all do it differently I suppose.

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