enquiry form on web site

  Marko797 13:24 17 Nov 2007

I'm using wysiwyg web builder4, & want to put an enquiry form/page on the site, similar to this one at click here

Can anyone advise how I do this please?

  Marko797 13:25 17 Nov 2007

link doesn't take u to the right page, but it's under Contact Us.

  CodeMeister 15:39 17 Nov 2007

Hi Marko797,

I tried the link that you supplied but even the main site www . fayhartwell . com didn't work, so I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve.

Are you looking to capture the user's details within a database or format them into an email which is then sent via some server-side code to an email address that you have nominated ?

In either of the above cases, you are going to require a server-side programming language such as PHP, ASP/ASP.Net/CFM etc.

Until you can confirm which server side programming language you are using, we can't really advise how this may be achieved because it will be different in each case.

  Marko797 16:47 17 Nov 2007

I just tried it n it went straight to the homepage. Oh well.

No not really wanting to capture details into a database. I don't think so, anyway.

Basically, I want ppl to be able to fill out an site enquiry form (EF) on my website (which I've put together with the above prog.), then send it to me, at the site email address.

The EF would comprise fields for: who they are, what their email address is, which company, & nature of their enquiry.

If this is gonna be too diff CM (for me that is), then I might just leave things as they are with an email contact facility.

  CodeMeister 19:32 17 Nov 2007

Hi Marko797,

Just tried your link again and it still doesn't.

Taking a wild guess that you have PHP hosting, the following page explains how to achieve this in PHP.

click here

This one might also help

click here

  Marko797 11:34 18 Nov 2007

thnx, that's exactly what I want to do. Just to let u know, my host is 1&1, if that's any help at all. I don't know what php hosting is 2b honest (total amateur here).

The code however looks scary and not sure where to put it.

Do I just copy it n paste it somewhere, after adjusting the mail settings?

I need to look at my page and see where this code might slot in. Would this be in the html version?

Sorry 4 being so thick!

  peabody 17:44 21 Nov 2007

You are best to follow codemeister's advice and use a PHP script. But if you have no experience of PHP it may prove a bit difficult - I would definitely add some field validation, for example. An alternative may be to use the PERL script Formmail that would run in the cgi-bin folder of your server. It's free from click here but beware that there is a danger of spammers using it to send spam from your server - rename it something more obscure!

  barryoneoff.co.uk 22:58 21 Nov 2007

why not simply log on and use one of their ready made contact forms.

  SimpleSimon1 11:01 22 Nov 2007

Hi Marko797

I'm a newbie to all this and this is what I managed to achieve click here I presume you're looking to do something similar? I know nothing about PHP or PERL but using a script was very easy and has proved very effective.

BEFORE DOING ANYTHING, go to click here, read the article and understand:

1) The comment about Matt Wrights original FormMail script now generally being recognised as insecure and the recommendation to use nms FormMail as a drop-in replacement.

2) The trick re using a very simple mod to this script (plus a hidden field on your form) to stop spambots using it to send you spam via the form.

Although I know nothing about PERL, after reading the above link and the 'rwedge solution' in the associated codingforums link, it took me slightly less than 2 mins to configure the script and implement the anti-spam changes in it and form. IMPORTANT: If you are going to do this, don't forget to comment out the CGI.pm as described in the blog comments.

Take a look at the html source on my contact form and you should see how it all hangs together. The key line you're looking for (which actually links the form to the script) is:

<form name="ContactForm" id="ContactForm" method="post" action="scripts/LetsTalk.cgi">

LetsTalk.cgi is simply the renamed FormMail script

Good luck

  Marko797 16:27 22 Nov 2007

2u all. Barry, yes makes sense to go bk to 1&1 and sometimes the simple solution is overlooked, as in this case :)

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