Enough Power??

  goose1984 15:30 10 May 2005

Hiya all! my system is:

--> AMD XP 1800+ CPU
--> 512mb SDR Ram
--> 2 x 120 Gig HDD's
--> Geforce FX 5600 graphics card
--> Sony DVD Player
--> Panasonic DVD Recorder
--> Runing Windows XP Pro

The case has:
--> 1 x 4" Green Dual Cold Cathode Kit
--> 1 x side fan

And I have a 400w power supply but my question is, is 400w enough to power all this or will it strain it?


  SANTOS7 15:37 10 May 2005

click here
this may help...

  961 15:39 10 May 2005

PSU units depend very much on the quality of make and manufacture. Basically, 400w should cope with that without trouble, but some 300w units will provide much better performance than a cheapo 500w.

If you post back with the name of the PSU maker then someone here should give you an idea of how good they are, but in the meanwhile I think you are probably well ok. It's only when you start to use mega graphics cards that you start to get trouble, and what you have as extras in the way of recorders and players etc is unlikely to be used all at the same time

  Yoda Knight 15:40 10 May 2005

Interesting page, but a bit to out dated for any real use

  gudgulf 16:04 10 May 2005

Any psu of 300w or more will power your pc with ease,however it is a good idea to use a good quality unit that will provide continuous power at its rated output rather than the peak output many cheap and cheerful models will use.

Your existing psu will be fine.

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