enormous pdfs

  Kate B 11:55 19 Apr 2005

OK, so I'm scanning some of my cuttings and outputting them as PDFs via CutePDF - and they're ENORMOUS - 14-odd mb. What can I do to make them smaller?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:00 19 Apr 2005

Are they text only? Or with images?

If text only, save as RTF first and then output as pdf.

If with images, get a low resolution.

Maybe CutePDF always makes big pdf files...

  Kate B 12:02 19 Apr 2005

They're images - I'm saving them as very low-res jpgs but they're still monstrous. I might try another pdf creator as at the moment they're bouncing out of inboxes which is kind of counter-productive ...

  Pesala 12:17 19 Apr 2005

click here if CutePDF doesn't have any options for reducing graphic resolution (though it may have hidden away somewhere).

Optimize for the web. If you want better PDF files with hyperlinks, bookmarks, page imposition, etc., get Page Plus 9 and make you PDF files from that.

  fly 12:19 19 Apr 2005

My A4 text and drawings, black and white, scanned with PaperPort are about 50 Kb. Not so cute I think

  Pesala 12:22 19 Apr 2005

Another trick that works whatever program you're using is to optimise your graphics before you produce your PDF files. If you decided that 96 dpi is good enough for your pictures, reduce them to 96 dpi before placing them in your document. If your clips include text, GIF format will get the best results; if they're colour photos, JPG format with medium to high compression will give the best results.

  Kate B 19:30 19 Apr 2005

Thanks, guys, more things to try - much appreciated.

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