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  jw100 18:11 05 Oct 2008

Hi All,

I am setting up a computer running Vista for someone who is partially sighted and I can't find a way to enlarge the text cursor in MS word 2002. That's the 'blinking' cursor that shows where you are up to when typing. I can enlarge the cursor for everything else in Vista i.e. 'Search Boxes' etc but the change I've made though 'Control Panel' doesn't apply to MS Word. Anyone know how to do this?


  Technotiger 18:14 05 Oct 2008

I believe in MS Word, that the cursor size will depend on the actual text size chosen.

  Technotiger 18:16 05 Oct 2008

Yes, I have just looked at my own (using XP), it is as I said.

  jw100 18:34 05 Oct 2008

I appreciate what you are saying but though the cursor lengthens as the font size increases it does not thicken and is still difficult for this person to see. I want to broaden it if I can.


  I am Spartacus 19:34 05 Oct 2008

Control Panel, Accessibility Options, Display tab, Cursor options.

  jw100 20:03 05 Oct 2008

Thanks but I have done that and it applies to everything in Vista without affecting MS word. Another thing is that, as previously mentioned, though the cursor in word lengthens as font size increases, it also gets thinner as screen size increases.

  sinbads 20:10 05 Oct 2008

Click on Vista Start button, and then select Control Panel.
Select “Ease of Access”.
On Easy of Access window, click “Optimize Visual Display”.
Scroll to the section named “Make things on the screen easier to see” located at the bottom of the screen.
Select a number in the box next to “Set the thickness of the blinking cursor” option. The default value is 1 and the larger the number, the thicker or fatter of the size of the cursor. There is preview available to determine what style fits you best.

  jw100 20:20 05 Oct 2008

That is exactly what I did do at the outset but it has no effect on MS Word. Thanks anyway.

  sinbads 21:17 05 Oct 2008

Works for word 2007 have you tried the mouse options click here

  jw100 21:41 06 Oct 2008

Thanks but I had already tried 'mouse options'. I might try installing Word 2007 instead of 2002 and see if it works.

  jw100 22:13 20 Oct 2008

Just installed MS Word 2007 and, as you say, it has picked up the change in cursor size made though “Optimize Visual Display”.



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