Enhancing Audio

  fitshase 13:08 15 Aug 2003

I have been to a wedding recently and took my video camera along. I managed to get some good footage at the wedding and the reception but the sound isn't particularly good (used the built in microphone of the video camera). The wedding service is OK (I was only allowed to video the bride coming up the aisle at the start and the married couple walking down the aisle at the end) as I was able to get the music that was being played and remove the original soundtrack and insert the music in its place.

However, I have videod the speeches (best man, groom, etc.) at the reception but there is a lot of background noise and the speeches can hardly be heard.

I am going to make a nice video of the wedding as a gift but I cannot seem to enhance the voices. I have exported the audio track using Adobe Premiere 6.5 into a WAV format.

Does anyone know of any good (preferably free) software that will allow me to enhance the speech and dampen down the background noise?

Any help is much appreciated.

Best regards


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