Endnotes in Word

  Gary Wood 21:20 22 May 2007

I have a Word document which has endnotes. I need these to feature before my Bibliography. If I insert a section break before my Bibliography, can I get the endnotes to appear there?

Also, Word insists on putting a black line above my endnotes to separate them from the main text. I don't want this. Is there a way to remove it, and/or set Word not to put it there in the first place?



  Eric10 22:15 22 May 2007

To remove the line above footnotes. From Word 2003 help:

Switch to normal view (normal view: A view that shows text formatting and a simplified page layout. Normal view is convenient for most editing and formatting tasks.).
On the View menu, click Footnotes.
If your document contains both footnotes and endnotes, a message appears. Click View footnote area or View endnote area, and then click OK.

In the note pane (pane: A portion of the document window bounded by and separated from other portions by vertical or horizontal bars.), click the type of separator you want to change or remove in the Footnotes or Endnotes box:
To change the separator that appears between the document text and notes, click Footnote Separator or Endnote Separator.
To change the separator for notes that continue from the previous page, click Footnote Continuation Separator or Endnote Continuation Separator.

Select the separator and make changes:
To remove the separator, press DELETE.
To edit the separator, insert a Clip Art divider line or type text.
To restore the default separator, click Reset.

  Gary Wood 10:47 23 May 2007


Many thanks for this. I'll try following these steps to remove the line, and post back.

Meantime, does anyone know how I can get the endnotes to appear at the end of a section, rather than the end of the whole document? I need to get my endnotes to appear before my bibliography.



  VoG II 10:57 23 May 2007

In Word 2000, Insert > Footnote, tick Endnote, click Options, 'Place at:' select End of Section.

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