Endless repetitive problems

  Cam123 20:30 14 Feb 2006

My computer is something like 6 months old. Around 3 months ago i began to suffer minor probelms and then all of a sudden it crashed and i was told to reinstall XP. I did this , thinking ti would fix the problem , and it does for a short period of time but soon i begin to get the same error messages.
The thing is it seem to only ever happen when im on a game , it will be running very smoothly and all of a sudden it will freeze , the screen goes blue with a messgae saying \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SOFTWARE , file is missing or corrupt..
Other times it will stay frozen so i restart the pc and i get a error message on startup saying disk boat failure insert system disk etc. I have had these probelm so many times now but they just keep on coming up after a few weeks again.I thought at first my disc drive was damaged as at times it would randomly stop redading disks , which may have been a cause , so i changed this with a drive that works perfectly but i still get the same porlbems and messages. My computer can run the games very well and my computer is a long way above minimum specs on them. I wasn wandering what the source of this problem is. I guess that it could be a hard drive problem but other prople have had repeive problems with disk boot failures , bought a new hard drive and found it makes no difference - so im not completely sure.
Anyway , please help , and i look forward to what you have to say.

  watchful 21:06 14 Feb 2006

Is this any help: click here

  Kev.Ifty 01:59 15 Feb 2006

Did you 'buy' this PC 6 months ago? If you have not broken any seals on the case. You should have at least 12 months warranty.

  Gongoozler 08:35 15 Feb 2006

I think th eclue is in the "saying disk boot failure" error message at startup. This is telling you that the BIOS hasn't been able to find Windows on the hard drive. This must be caused by a faulty hard drive or some other hardware problem. If the computer is under warranty then you should take it back for repair or replacement. If it isn't, then you will have to start eliminating the various possible causes, but it could be a motherboard failure.

  Diemmess 09:05 15 Feb 2006

If you have made no hardware mods to your computer then ignore the rest of this.
But, if you have added some RAM at any stage it could be the cause of all your grief.
Unsuitable/faulty RAM, because it is in constant use is capable of returning altered code at any stage.
If you have added some RAM, remove it for a day or two and see if things improve.

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