Endless Problems

  Peter-200561 07:14 06 May 2004

Fujitsu 600 Pentium4 XP 256 Ram Anti Virus installed 6 in 1 card reader
For several weeks i have had numerous problems, which may or may not be related.
Cannot anylse /defragment at all. A recent defrag shareware trial has ended (diskeeper 7). The prog has been deleted but does not remedy the problem.
Cannot deplace icons with mouse;
Cannot copy files on to CD even though it plays ok.
Endless script error messages.
Internet links just freeze.
Photo Flash Reader drive works when it feels like it.
I have done all the usual internal file checks, cleaned the registry etc.
Do i need to reformat as nothing else seems to work. The various problems seem to be so varied.

Any thoughts anyone?


  User-312386 08:16 06 May 2004

go to start run and type sfc /scannow (note the space between sfc and /)

Pop in your XP disc and this should replace any lost files

  Peter-200561 20:15 06 May 2004

Thanks for your info. I did what you suggested. The defrag,icon and CD bug seems to be fixed. The card reader still shows no sign of life.
The Office programs -Word, Excel etc are telling me to insert the Office CD to install these programs, is this a by product of the "fix".

  User-312386 21:11 06 May 2004

it could be that some of the original files have been overwritten and yes i would pop in the disc to re-install office, it will probably give you an option to repair when the disc is in

  Peter-200561 20:07 08 May 2004

Thanks for your help i will re-install office on Monday.
One other question, my previous computer had 2000 Prof. I took the Hard drive out and installed in my present system. Simple me thought i could choose between 2000+XP by selecting the relevant drive. The added drive will throw up all my documents pictures and other programs but nothing Window based-2000 or Office.
Is it possible to do what i thought was possible?


  ste_bla 20:56 08 May 2004

if you put the second drive as slave (theres pins and a toggle thing on the drive) you could read the files but dont know how u would run the diff o/s and select between

  Cesar 10:34 10 May 2004

It's a good thing to post your thread on the Fujitsu Siemens Forum: click here

  Peter-200561 18:23 10 May 2004

Thanks for link, i found someone who had the same problem as mine with the 6in1 reader, will try the fix;
The forum is not the easiest to read if you think you need glasses, now i know.

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