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  Spr 09:42 13 Oct 2005

I’m using Windows XP, when I shut down after using Word 2000 I keep getting “End Program – File Open Message” pressing Ctrl, Alt Del the Application window is empty I have re-installed Word 200 the same thing happens. This seemed to have only just started since I downloaded Service Pack 2.

I have tried what has been recommended by the group to other’s enquiring about the same problem but it is still the same.

  MAJ 09:49 13 Oct 2005

When it comes to problems with Word 2000, Spr, the first thing I always recommend is to close Word and do a search of your hard drive (Start > Search > For Files and Folders) for all instances of the Normal.dot file (there might be more than one). When they are found, rename them all to Normal.old, then open Word again (this will create a new, clean, Normal.dot file), see if it helps any.

  Spr 10:38 13 Oct 2005

I've carried out what you said there is no Normal.dot file found

  vinnyT 10:44 13 Oct 2005

There has to be a normal.dot file on your comp somewhere, I have 1 file at c:\windows\application data\Microsoft\Templates

When you searched, did you select 'local hard drives (c:,d:, etc.)' in the look in field and tick the include subfolders box.

Hope this helps.

  MAJ 10:45 13 Oct 2005

There *has* to be a Normal.dot, Spr, it's Word's default start page, make sure you are searching in System Folders and Hidden Files and Folders, those options are under "More Advanced Options" in the Search box.

  Spr 11:11 13 Oct 2005

Found two Normal.dot files under "More Advanced Opitons" changed them to Normal.old fingers crossed

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