End now box?

  PainX 12:36 11 May 2012

I keep getting a box come up when closing down that is headed: McciAsyncEventMgrWand. it says I will loose updates if I end now. So I can't close down my computer. It is XP...... I did close it last night, and it took 3 or 4 goes before it gave in and I was able to shut down for the night. I hope someone can help, as last time I called in someone to help with the battery change on my laptop, as instructions did not say how to do it, I was charged £35 which I thought was a complete rip off. More than I have housekeeping for the week, so a sparse food shop for the next 2/3 weeks. How can I get rid of this happening, I have looked at other sites and it showed how to get into My Computer and the Admistration section, but after that no help at all. There is a Triangle with a ! mark in it, but nothing to say what to do or how. Can anyone with plain English for a 'Dummy' help! Thank you.

  Nontek 15:49 11 May 2012

How long has this been happening? If not too long, say a week or so, then you could try a System Restore back to before this started. If you are not sure how to do a System Restore, preferably in 'Safe mode', then come back here for simple Instructions.

  Nontek 15:59 11 May 2012

Also, what is the make/model of the laptop, and did the battery replacement include a new battery?

  PainX 21:00 11 May 2012

Thank you for your prompt response, Nortek, I will try the restore as you say and see if that will work. It is on an old XP computer I bought 12 years ago, and keep for saving photo's till I can sort them out, and Family Tree. but I also use it for ocassional emailing.

The laptop is Windows 7, and I had not had to replace the battery before. I didn't know it was slide this knob on the back and out the battery would come and the new one slot in.! I shall remember for next time.

Thank you again.

  Nontek 22:14 11 May 2012

Your initial question did not make it clear that you were talking about two different computers!

If it was simply a case of swapping old/new batteries already in your possession, then yes that price was exorbitant.

You mentioned a Yellow Triangle, this is a normal Windows warning that an item of hardware/software has a problem - exactly where was the triangle shown, alongside which item? I assume this was on the XP computer.

What was the result of the Restore attempt?

  iscanut 21:49 12 May 2012

Try typing McciAsyncEventMgrWand into a google search. There are many postings including some here on P C Advisor help forum in earlier years. Looks as if a program you are running is causing the problem.

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