End Of file prefixed Torrent

  prince midas 15:09 05 Nov 2004

I downloaded a file of 33mb but when it started to download it put a small file of about 3kb in my download folder prefixed at the end with torrent.

I was unable to do anything with this file & when i checked on the internet i was told it chopped a file up into maybe a 100 small files to quicken on downloads.

Flashget my downloader could not do anything with it and i wonder if my firewall is stopping this small file from downloading.
Also how do i put all these small file back into one large 33mb file if i do manage to download it.

  fuzzynavel 16:28 05 Nov 2004

The simple answer is that flashget is your problem.....it doesn't download torrents....
basically the file you downloaded is supposed to be small...it basically gives detail for a tracker that lists where the torrent seeds are.....i.e that file you downloaded acts as a pointer for specific software to find all the parts of the main file that you want....
i.e you need to open that file with a program such as Azureus or shareaza or bitorrent or similar....search google for them...all shareware/freeware/open source

they will then be able to download that file for you

be aware that a lot of the files (not all)on the torrent network are copyrighted material and could lead to trouble.....just have to let you know..

  leo49 16:29 05 Nov 2004

I suggest you read up on torrents:

click here

Essentially you need torrent client software - of which there are many to choose from - Bittorrent is as good as any.

What you've downloaded is the 'signpost' to the 33mb file.

Once installed you doubleclick the .torrent file[which contains the location/file identity info] to connect to the tracker,you complete the dialog for where you wish to save the target file on your PC and the download/upload process should begin.When complete the is whole and useable.

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