Encryption viewer or remote control software

  zipdrive 17:00 08 Jan 2003
  zipdrive 17:00 08 Jan 2003

I wonder if anyone knows of a free encryption viewer of remote control software to do the following.

Recently setup a ad-hoc wirless LAN so my son can access the Internet via my PC. I am using Windows XP Pro and he has Windows ME. He is 12.5 years old so I want to keep an eye on what he is upto, but without him knowing I am doing it. I have been told that encryption viewers are available to view files created in Internet Explorer. This will tell me what sites have been visited and for how long for. Failing that I could use remote control software.

Please don't get me wrong, I want to give him the freedom to use the Internet, but I just want to make sure he is not visiting dodgy sites etc.

  northamuk 17:05 08 Jan 2003

Why not check his History files now and again. If they are being deleted, maybe you have cause to do as you suggest.

  zipdrive 17:08 08 Jan 2003

Yes I could do that as you say northamuk. I can only read them on his own PC. When I try to open them via my PC they are un-readable.

  northamuk 17:14 08 Jan 2003

Yes, I meant to use the PC where they are located.

I'm sure there must be times when he's not home, don't forget when he finds out that you are spying on him you will lose a lot of trust.

  zipdrive 17:23 08 Jan 2003

I would like to say northamuk that if I did not trust him I would never have given him access to the Internet in the first place.

He is a very bright lad, and yes he does know how to cover his tracks by deleting the history etc. It always amazes me what these young kids pick up now a days. I try to keep on step in front of him if I can. He did try to access some porn sites sometime ago on my PC but it was logged so I caught him out. I have warned him I would not be pleased if he tried to do it again. I only want to do a spot check now and again. something I think every responsible parent should do.

  northamuk 17:34 08 Jan 2003

I was not trying to imply anything.;-)

Kids today know far more about computers than we do. If you were to tell him you have a remote Key Logger that would probably deter him from visiting dubious sites!

  zipdrive 17:38 08 Jan 2003

Northamuk sorry if you thought I was having a go at you. I just dont want him or for that matter his younger sister to come to any harm using the Internet. Its a wonderful tool, but as we all know open to abuse.

  northamuk 17:41 08 Jan 2003

I understand your concern completely. If there was a simple solution to protecting the young it would be worth a fortune!!

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