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Encrypting Hard Drives | BitLocker or not?

  boyo123boyo 21:57 26 Apr 2017

I'm looking to encrypt my entire computer system. One option available is to pay the extra cash for Windows 10 Pro and then use BitLocker but I don't know if this is the best option.

Is there better software available to achieve what I want.

This is a business computer so the encryption must be reasonably secure.

  Burn-it 23:50 26 Apr 2017

Who's business? If not yours they WILL have a say.

  boyo123boyo 17:55 27 Apr 2017


My dad wants a new computer for his business. He needs his hard drive in the PC to be encrypted to be compliant with the DPA 1998.

  wee eddie 19:38 27 Apr 2017

I think that your Dad is overreacting.

I think that the relevant information, but not all the information, needs to be Password protected. It may be necessary to encrypt things such as Bank Details and Card numbers but not the whole disk

  boyo123boyo 21:52 27 Apr 2017

The hard drive in question will be used solely to store sensitive data that MUST be encrypted to be able to be in accordance with the DPA 1998.

Because of business policies, I can't go into details about the information stored or the particular system being used. However, he's looking for a way to encrypt the entire drive.

Is BitLocker a reasonable encryption software or should he use something else?

Thanks for all the help so far!

  Forum Editor 08:50 28 Apr 2017

This would be my choice - it beats most of the opposition hands down in my opinion, and its big advantage is that there is no size limit to the vault it can secure. It will work with 32bit or 64bit versions of Windows 10 (or Win7 and 8).

It's a bit more complex than many encryption applications, but you can download a 30 day trial version to see how you get along with it.

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