Encrypted Wireless Network

  Hetti 20:03 26 Apr 2005

I have two PC's wirelessly networked (I had a PC engineer do this)and Im going to replace the oldest one of the two with a new PC,I spoke to the PC engineer today about any possible problems replacing old PC with new on (I thought I would do it myself to safe money), he said he would have to do the job as when he did the networking (Originaly) he Encrypted the PC's for safety,
Is this so and do I have to pay out again or is there a way around the encrytion?

  selfbuild 20:19 26 Apr 2005

The 'engineer' might well of encrypted your network but you should still know what (and be able to easily find out) type of encryption is being used and the encryption key.

So yes you can do it yourself.....

  Hetti 20:30 26 Apr 2005

Thanks selfbuild

How would i find out the type of encryption?
When engineer did the job he was supposed to send me a number he had used via email but I never recieved it, is that what I need?, because if so I did phone and ask him for it but he said he had left it on some paper at my house (he did not)and he did not have it, but not to worry as I would not need it again!!

  selfbuild 22:17 26 Apr 2005

Can you access the routers web page by typing in the ip address of the router into internet explorers address bar?

If you don't know what the routers ip address is then tell us what operating system you are running.....

  gaz800 22:33 26 Apr 2005

What make of wireless router is it ? If you are using a router with a built in adsl then the ip address of the router will be under the gateway section of your ip address. go to start run, type cmd (enter) and at the dos prompt screen type ipconfig (enter) look at default gateway.

  Hetti 15:07 27 Apr 2005

i default gateway number and IP address as well as subnet mask.

i have new PC with wi-fi card installed how do i proceed please?

  gaz800 16:39 27 Apr 2005

I assume that you have the default gateway and can log onto the router by putting this address into windows explorer. You need to logon to find out your ssid - you may also see this on your existing wireless logon connection, and you also need to see if wep encryption has been added. what is the make of the router ? if linksys for instance, under security it lists a passphrase and below that a hex address under the wep key section. it is this hex address that is what you need to input to your new connection.

  medicine hat 16:39 27 Apr 2005

Therefore the IP address of your router is probably or

If you type this into the address bar of your internet browser you should be able to access the router and find out the wireless security settings

  Hetti 17:24 27 Apr 2005

Make of router is Inexo.

I follwed win "Setup wireless network wizard" and the two PC's are connected to internet, but it is not a secure network, have I done the wrong thing? and is there anything I should do now?
I may not get back here tonight.. Birthday party I will check tomorrow

  gaz800 19:42 27 Apr 2005

If you can get access to the internet and its working then thats ok, as long as you don't mind the possibility of others doing the same. If you set wep encryption and or mac address filtering then its more difficult (though not impossible) to get in.

  Hetti 07:54 28 Apr 2005


Thanks for that, can you direct me to set up wep encrypition, Im not particulary worried to use internet withuot it but hubby is keen to have the security!

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